We are one of the leading providers of solar LED applications in the world!

Why Choose Us

NOMO All in One’ solar lighting system that has been designed to offer extremely INTELLIGIENT and cost-saving illumination for a wide range of high way and street lighting applications.

It is intelligent by utilizing ZigBee tech controlling the working brightness, dimming, maintenance , time plan , inspection, also a program-able MPPT controller ensuring maximum efficiency and electrical conversion from the limitless power of the sun directly to the powerful and compact Li Fe PO4 battery system, additionally the light head features a most healthy lens that automatically ensure the output brightness rightly.
NOMO all in one solar street lights are very simple to use, no separate battery pack required and no complicated wiring or settings.
All you need to do is to install it with screws to the post and press the on/off button. The lights will switch on when the sun sets and switch off¬ when the sun rises.

1. Real intelligent controlling system powered by ZigBee
2.Patented All in one design, High strength entirety aluminum profile, private mold, gorgeous and durable
3..Auto cleaning System
4.Intelligent Controller
5.Battery Management& cooling System
5.LED lighting module and lighting distribution system
6.Efficient assembly&dis-assembly structure
7.Battery safety system,Unique heat dissipation design and integrated drawer type battery box inside ensure lighting working performance.
8.Adjustable fixture , 90°X360°angle adjustable holder, non-shadow.

About NOMO

NOMO began in Shenzhen China and grew to become a nationally recognized high technology company. We are one of the leading providers of solar LED applications in the world.We specialize in research, development and manufacturing of all kinds of cutting-edge solar streetlights.Our patented technologies and designs created a new level of versatility and adaptability for the outdoor lighting industry.

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