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A bright future for all in one solar street lights
- Mar 05, 2018 -

With the continuous development of science and technology, lifepo4 battery based  integrated solar street lighting technology is more and more mature . Together with larger capacity,  longer lifespan . the use of  Integrated solar street light becomes more and more widely. 

According to  the statistics, China's lighting electricity accounts for about 12% of the total electricity consumption in the country, and the energy waste is serious. Energy-saving lighting is not only an urgent problem to be solved, but also a widespread problem in society. It is understood that although    the traditional high-pressure street lampis  easy to light, but greater energy consumption. Converted into LED new rural solar street lamp manufacturers, not only higher luminous efficiency, longer life, but also energy saving. It is estimated that a 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamp street lamp or mining lamp, 10 hours of continuous use, consume 1 kWh; and if we choose the same illumination LED street lamp , 10 hours continious use  only consume 0.32 kWh. Energy-saving rate reached 68% .


Obviously , it saves more energy , low risk , and easy installtion than the traditional solar street light . And Nomo  integrated solar street lamp  have longer life and its  maintenance is simple. Use of environmentally friendly materials, the whole product is lead-free, and the battery using lithium Iron batteries, non-polluting, conducive to the long-term protection of the ecological environment.

In short, the integrated  solar street lights is the integration of  highly efficecnt solar panels, long-life lithium iron  batteries, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controllers, PIR body sensors, anti-theft mounting bracket  . Lithium-ion integrated design makes the solar street lighting more simple and stylish,  light and practical. and you can  achieve remote control functions and monitor the operation of the product from a remote place . Also It have functions such as easrly warning , real time monitoring which  make maintenence becaome very easy  . Not only this high-capacity long-life lithium-ion battery, the use of efficient controller for integrated solar street charging efficiency, longer life, more favorable in the rainy days. .