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All in one solar street light
- Apr 07, 2018 -



There are so many all in one solar street lights in the market now. Here let us have a brief view of LED integrated solar street light .

1Lets start with "what ", so what is a LED all in one solar street light .?

It is a long saying , but origially this idea was come from a australian client who have done solar street light sales for many years , someday , may be , he come up with a idea , why we do not put battery , controller , and LED solar panel together , in that way he can save a lot of installtion fees and no need so many steps such as digging and so on .He share his idea with one chinese company . After one or two months , the world first all in one solar street light is born .

Ok from the above, smart guys alreay fin dout what is a all in one solar street light , Integration solar panel , battery , controller LED on a allumiunm heat sink .


2.Then we cmes to how , How does all in one solar street light looks like ?

Typically speaking , there are so much models on the market , but mostly it looks like this .you can find it from our three generations :

a. pvsl series , this sries includes 8w, 12w , 25w , and 30w .  

B. PVNSL series ( including 30w , 40w , 50w , 60w )

C. PVMSL series (titan series , range from 4000lumen to 11000 lumen )



D. smart solar street light HP series all in one solar street light . (hp series combine all the advantage from market and also the three former design , it is really very popular around our clinets , the drawer type design makes the maintenence very easy and conviniently . Self patented unque smart energy pack makes the light very intelliginet , you can  monitoir the work status of the light anytime anywhere you want to ,)


3.Thirdly you may want to know is why  . Why i should choose all in one solar street light for my project rather than traditional solar street light ?

A. The installtion . All in one solar street light makes installtion really easy , within 10 minutes while traditional solar street light cost more than 2  hours . The time you saved will bring you more profit .

B.The safety . There will be no electronic shock happens when you use all in one solar street light while you may have the risk when you choose traditional solar street light or normal LED solar street light .

C.Easy to transport . Only one box or two box you can pack the lights and its parts while traditioanl solar street light may be need one for LED , on efor battery , one for wire , one for controller , one for cage ,and one for battery box .The volume you saved will save you a lot of expense also .

After you know what , how and why , we believe you already have some a general idea of LED all in one solar street light .

We Nomo Group have been in this industry for more than 10 years, and so far we have exported around 50000 pcs all in one solar street lights all around the world .

Welcome to contact us for more questions about LED integrated siolar street light.