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Benefits of integrated solar street lights
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Integrated solar-powered street lamps are highly efficient solar panels, designed to last 5 years, ultra long life lithium-ion battery, high luminous efficiency of LED and controller, human body induction modules, anti-theft mounting screw integrates solar street light.

Integrated benefits of solar lighting is easy to install, light weight, two workers in general do not use heavy equipment and tool cases, requires only one product, specially designed wrench equipped with only 10 minutes to complete the installation. Two people comfortably. Installing more than 50 a day.

Solar-powered streetlights installed without geographical limits of integration, both mountains, grasslands, fields, where sunshine will be installed at integration of solar energy Street lamp, especially suitable for landscape lighting equipped with high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, scenic coastal landscape lighting and decoration, industrial development zone, industrial Street, the construction of new countryside, various tertiary institutions, outdoor lighting, and so on.