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Forecasts of Solar street light
- Mar 07, 2018 -

                        Forecasts of Solar street light

                   Why solar  Energy becomes more and more important .png

With the increasing depletion of the Earth's resources and rising costs of investment in basic energy, solar energy is gaining more and more attention as an "inexhaustible" green and new energy source. Solar street lighting with advantage s such as energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no wiring, easy installation, intelligent control, and can change to necessary positions when needed . As the existence of safety and environmental protection is naturally become the industry leader, the new rural solar lights 

naturally arise.

          Current situation of solar energy all around the world including china 

At present, China's solar lighting technology has been more mature, the reliability of solar lamps have been greatly improved, the industry's advanced solar lighting business has reached or even exceeded the national lighting standards. In the energy shortage, power cuts out of the cities and remote areas in power difficulties, there is a strong Current solar energy growth around the world .png

                                   Take all in one  solar street light as a sample 


HP positive.jpg


Solar all in one  street light is to combine LED , Solar panel ,  Mppt controller Together into one box . technologies as a whole, often with the beautiful surroundings around the integration.  What is more , Our Nomo Group make privite module and turn all light to be a drawer -type design.  Not only it helps to save energy , also environment friendly becasue of using solar energy .

                            Forcast of solar lighting industry 


In the long run, the solar lighting industry has a very good future. As a new green energy, solar energy has been rapidly popularized and applied with its incomparable advantages. In the city lighting landscaping, road lighting, garden lighting, interior lighting and other areas of lighting and applications have been effectively utilized. The future with the upgrading of the market, road lighting speed, solar street light market will be very broad.