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How charge battery AH ?
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Under normal circumstances, the normal stock a month to allow the battery has a natural power-down range of no more than 0.05V. If you exceed this range, you need to analyze the battery: A. Check the battery protection circuit protection parameters are normal, especially its static power consumption should not be greater than 10μA, (usually 3-6μA); by high precision The ammeter (eg FLUKE 187) is connected in series to the "battery-guard board B + / B-" circuit, P + / P-no load, and the current shown is the static self-current consumption of the protection board. B. Analysis of whether the battery is powered down seriously. The batteries (after charging) were discharged to 3.0V and then allowed to stand. 24 hours after the next cabinet to measure the open circuit voltage, 48 hours to measure the open circuit voltage again, for comparison. If the voltage rises, there is a downward trend, then the battery has a power-down phenomenon. Encounter this situation, through the full detection voltage, pick out the lower voltage battery, the rest of the normal use (due to battery inventory time has been longer, there is power outage hidden batteries can be completely singled out). C. Check the batteries in the positive and negative nickel with spot welding process, whether the phenomenon of breakdown. , Too large spot welding current, and incorrect spot welding position, are likely to breakdown within the cell, causing damage, the emergence of low voltage phenomenon.