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How to choose good quality solar street lights
- Aug 24, 2017 -

There ere are some very important points when you evaluate solar street lightsm there are some problem happened if not choose the best one, as followings hope will be helpful.


1. Battery problem: unsafe and explosive, working time is very limited, short lifetime, low charging efficiency,flameable ect.  

2. High cost : expensive with high maintenance cost.

3. Odd design: ugly apperance, no enviroment friendly materials, not comply with values of different cultures. 

4. Low protection grade : Not meet standard IP65 waterproof.

5. Production like Jerry -Building :  Real production not meet the specification.

6. Unqualified components : Second level solar panel, unknown controller and just simple assemblying. 

7. Short warranty : not more than 5 years. 


The one of the most important steps to choose qualified solar street lights is to choose the right manufacture, and the professional factory should be developer and producer for solar street lights by themself, who are experienced on big projects supplying.


High tech engineers, and professional sales team and after services ect.


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