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How to install all in one solar street light?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

How to Install smart Solar Street Light

NOMO solar street lights are easy to install. You will simply need common hand tools to assemble the light. For bigger projects, however, we can provide  training and technical assistance. For these multiple installations, hiring technicians with professional certificates, specialising in street lamp installation is recommended.

What do you need to prepare before installation?

Before the start of installation, make sure to do the following steps.
1. Surround the construction area with guard lines. Only installation specialists and personnel must be allowed in the construction area.
2. Read the installation manual and familiarize yourself with the installation procedures, the circuit diagrams, and must take the safety measures before you proceed with the installation.
3. Make sure that you have the complete solar street lights kit before installation. Check that you have the following parts:

  • Integrated solar street light fixture

  • Bracket

  • Lamp Pole

  • tools

  • antenna

  • Basis Cage

  • Flange

Installation procedures of NOMO intelligent integrated solar street light  

1. To install the foundation of  solar street light, choose a level and flat ground, with no inclination. Screw and secure the Basis Cage to the ground using the four screws. One side of the Basis Cage should be parallel to the edge of the road. Secure the Basis Cage with concrete, and this will serve as the foundation of solar street light.

solar street light digging hole.png


2.Setup the solar street light 

Install the Light Fixture on the lamp pole. Place the Light Fixture on the ground, with the back part facing upward. . Turn the Light Fixture around, and screw the plastic black lamp holder. 

Installation steps

1、Poles should be placed in the best position for sun energy . Pole

height from 4-8M, top diameter 50-76MM, pole thickness 3.0mm .

2Check if the spare parts are fully equipped.

Series No.

Spare Parts



Street lights body



Fixing bracket  



Ring gasket



M8*20 Screw






WIFI antenna (optional )


solar street light.png

3、Installation of bracket : put the bracket on the position with accordingly holes, and fix it with 8           pcs of M8*20 screws  (refer to the following )

solar street light.png

4、Set the street lights with bracket on the top of the pole, and Fix up with 6 pcs of M8*16MM screws.

solar street light.png 




5.The installation of antenna(for product with smart controlling system) :remove the waterproof lid from the light and install the antenna .


           solar street light.png

6.Cover the solar panel with non-transparent materials,

and wait 15 seconds to see if the light is on, Make the solar panel face the sun, and wait 30 seconds to check if the light is off . finish the installation after testing ok .