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NOMO All in one solar street light controller development
- Jul 24, 2018 -

NOMO All in one solar street light controller development

solar street light

Solar street light controller


Solar charge controllers are used in solar street lights to coordinate the solar panels, batteries, and LED loads. It’s a very important component in integrated solar street lights. Which make the entire solar street light efficient and safe operation.
Its working principle is: under the control of intelligent controller during the day time, the solar panel collects the suns radiation and converts it into electric energy,which will be stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day.

Solar charge controllers types

solar street light

1.PWM uses the digital output of the microprocessor to control the analog circuit. Including 3-phase charging: Strong charging, balanced charging and floating charge ; PWM solar controller solves the problem of insufficient battery charge and short battery life, but solar panels can not fully utilized.

2.The MPPT solar controller can detect the solar panel voltage and current in real time and keep track of it. The maximum power (P=U*I) enables the solar street lights to always charge the lithium iron phosphate battery with the maximum power

solar street light


The solar charge controller generally has the function of regulating voltage and current, controlling the charge and discharge of the battery, preventing overshoot, overdischarging, and protecting the battery. PWM and MPPT have advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency and cost. But both are designed to increase the efficiency of solar street lights and protect the battery. The solar charge controller is the most important part of the entire solar street light, so the solar charge controllers plays a great roles in the high performance of all in one solar street lights.

The controller development of NOMO all in one solar street light

all in one solar street light



Nomo Group focuses on solar street lighting. With the development of technology, the controllers that we used have transited from the first generation PWM controller to the fifth generation controller. The replacement of each generation of controllers means that Nomo Group is moving towards the goal of improvement to increase the conversion efficiency between solar panels and charging/discharging of battery, thereby improving the overall performance of the integrated solar street lights, in order to provide customers a more stable and cost-effective high quality all in one solar street light.






solar street light


This is the oldest traditional PWM controller used on the market.
The output does not have constant current and is not waterproof. The PWM charging method has low charging efficiency.
But it’s lower cost, many traditional solar street lights were used with this PWM controller.


solar street light



This is a newer generation PWM controllers. It is used by NOMO solar street light PVSL series PVSL-15W-30W.
It also has PWM charging method, including high-current charging, constant-voltage charging and float charging. The charging efficiency is low and wiring is complicated , but the cost is low.
Compared with the above old traditional PWM controller, the 2nd controller has a waterproof function, and the output has a constant current, which is able to improve the efficiency, and reduce the loss.

solar street light



It is the third-generation MPPT controller used by NOMO all in one Solar Street Lights.
It is with  “Maximum Power Point Tracking” function. The MPPT solar controller can detect the solar panel voltage and current in real time and keep track of it. The maximum power (P=U*I) enables the solar street lights to always charge the lithium iron phosphate battery with the maximum power.
The MPPT tracking efficiency is 99%, and the entire solar street light generation efficiency is as high as 98%, and the battery charging is divided into MPPT charge, constant voltage charge and constant voltage float charge phase, effectively extending battery life.


In the first-generation PVNSL series solar street light of Nomo Group, the third generation MPPT controller was widely used.
Advantages: It has high charging efficiency; waterproof; output with constant current; with remote control function.
Disadvantages: the cost is quite higher. wiring is relatively complicated,Unmaintainable, do not have complete heat dissipation function,without high power charging and discarging, without IoT(smart contrl system ).

solar street light


Under using the 3rd generation controller, we had gotten a large-scale order of 11,000pcs PVNSL-70W all in one solar street lights for government project from 2014 to 2015.


MPPT controller perfect protection function

  • Reverse battery protection

  • Solar panel reverse connection protection

  • Prevent battery from discharging to solar panels at night

  • Battery undervoltage protection

  • LED output short circuit protection

  • LED output open circuit protection

solar street light



we have a great improvement in technology on the fourth-generation MPPT controller, it has a variety of functions, with all the advantages of the MPPT controller, At the same time, it’s also equipped with the Internet of Things(smart control system) and solar panel auto cleaning functions.
These two major functions have provided great help for many of our solar street lighting projects. Smart control system and auto cleaning system are designed in practical solar street light projects applications.



The origin idea of adding IOT and auto cleaning

In the solar street light project that has been done in the past, for a large number of  all in one solar street lights, it is difficult for maintenance staff to regularly maintain and overhaul them. A lot of time and manpower were wasted.

Our general manager Mr. Wang went to the installation site to inspect the performance of the solar street lights when he visited the customers regularly. He found that the maintenance staff had to check the street lights one by one on the roads of several kilometers, which was really inconvenient and troublesome.

It is also realized that in the countries with large amounts of dust and less rain, dust tends to accumulate on solar panels. Plus It does not rain for a long time, the dust will forms a thick layer, which seriously affects the efficiency of solar panel power generation. As a result, solar street lights will not work properly.

After Mr. Wang backed to China, he discussed the issue with engineers together. They put an idea that applying the Internet of Things technology and the solar panel auto cleaning system to solar street lights.

Through the internet of things (smart control system) , customers can monitor the working status of solar street lights in real time through PC sections and perform other functional operations.

Through the solar panel auto cleaning system, the solar panels are periodically cleaned to ensure the solar panels are in a dust-free state for a long time, which is ensuring the efficiency of the solar panels and the stability of solar street lights.

With the use of the 4th-generation controllers, we have produced 10,000 sets of Titan series PVMSL all in one solar street lights with IoT control systems and solar panel auto cleaning systems.

solar street light



The 5th-generation controller was independently developed by the engineering team of NOMO and we enjoyed a patent. Based on the fourth generation controllers, our engineers have made improvements and innovations in the core technologies of software and hardware .
MPPT tracking efficiency is ≥ 99.9%, solar street light power generation efficiency has up to 98%, further improve system efficiency and reduce system costs.
Through the optimization of intelligent charge and discharge management, significantly extending the battery life of more than 50%.



Compared with the fourth generation controller, the fifth generation controller has below advantages :

It is more efficient, high power, easy to maintain, strong stability ,scalable,  stable communication and more faster . Meanwhile it has an Internet of Things function and  solar panel auto cleaning function. It is now in use.

Disadvantage: High cost.

Generally speaking, the fifth MPPT controller has mainly technical core, it solved a lot of problems that old version MPPT controller owned ,such as unmaintainable, weak heat dissipation,  and lower power charging and discharge etc.

A high cost but cost-effective and good quality controller are used in the all in one solar street light, can you imagine how high performance that solar street lights will be ? so what will you choose ?

In 2017, we have run over 15000pcs integrated solar street lights orders which are with smart control system and the auto cleaning system by using NOMO 5th generation controller.

And in the future we believe it will lead our newest smart all in one solar street light which is equipped with auto self cleaning system to become the market leader.

We Nomo group will also keep the spirit of innovation to continuously develop new design solar products to benefit our customers!!!

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