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nomo all in one solar street lights can work more than 36 hours after one time full charged without any electricity
- Oct 20, 2017 -

NOMO tech creat the most energy saving solution for the street lights, and off grid and solar power with Li Fe PO battery, and the light can work more than 36 hours only one time full charged by sun energy. 

In the market, there are many solar street lights are very old fashioned design and out of date solution, cost a lot of energy but give very short working time, this is very limited for the area where has many rainny and cloudy days. and it is not work after 2 days, but nomo all in one solar street lights can gve 3-5 days time mode working option, nomo only sell by brightness not wattages,since wattages is very traditional solution, and nomo adopted the energy saving solution , and it is low wattages but high lumen brightness. 

Hyperion series. it ranges from 2000LM-8000LM.and it can be use any lighting purpose. highway, expressway, garden. house lighting. street lightings. pathway ect. 

all in one solar street light hyperion.jpg