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Solar energy Street lamp suitable for use where?
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Solar energy Street lamp operating principle is to use solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, street lighting in rural areas, compared with the urban lighting system different is that, first of all, it is highly dependent on the construction of infrastructure such as power grids and, secondly, because of low network load levels than the city, so power and energy problems are more severe.

The basic situation is, rural areas differs from the city's energy supply, energy use are scattered, wild electric grids and other facilities not only in the environment of high costs, is more likely to cause a waste of resources. So, solve the problem of street lighting in rural areas will need to power efficiency and system taking into account factors such as the design of the lighting system. Meanwhile, solar street lighting products can still rely on kerosene and other fuel-based lighting sources of low-income people with high-performance, affordable lighting services, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption.