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Solar Lights for Parking Lots: The Design Basics You Need to Know
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Solar Lights for Parking Lots: The Design Basics You Need to Know

Many businesses have recognized the advantages of solar lights for parking lots. Switching to solar energy enables them to achieve major savings in both energy and maintenance costs. By turning to solar outdoor lighting solutions for different lighting applications, these businesses also show environmental consciousness.

There are a few basic design principles of solar lights for parking lots. To gain deeper insight into a cost-effective solar PV system design, here’s what you need to know.

What is solar PV system?

Solar PV system uses photovoltaics (PV) to transform sunlight into electricity. Solar-powered photovoltaic panels, also called modules, contain photovoltaic cells. These cells convert incoming sunlight into electricity that can then be stored or used directly to supply a home or a business with renewable energy.

Solar energy is a clean and reliable source of electricity that has found a vast range of applications. Considered a good investment, solar PV system has been embraced by many industries.

Components of solar outdoor lights

Depending on the system type, application and site location, a solar-powered system can consist of different parts. The main components are solar PV panel, LED light, solar charge controller, inverter, battery, and pole.

  • Solar PV panel consists of photovoltaic cells that are wired together and convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

  • Solar charge controller regulates the voltage and current that is coming from the solar panel. It uses the panel to charge the battery, keeps it from overcharging and prolongs the battery’s life span.

  • Battery stores energy that can later be used to supply lights and various electrical appliances when there is a demand.

  • LED light provides high-quality illumination using energy produced by solar panels.

Power consumption of your solar system

When designing a solar parking lot lighting system, it is important to calculate the total power and energy consumption of LED lighting. To find out the total consumption of your solar system, you should calculate total watt-hours per day for each part that will need to be supplied with solar power.

When determining how much watt-hours per day is needed from the solar PV panels, you should also take into consideration the energy lost in the system.

The size of the solar panel

The number and size of solar panels are important for the optimal performance of solar parking lot lighting system. Solar panels come in different types and sizes and can produce different amount of power.

To find out the right sizing of your solar panel, you should calculate the total peak watt needs. The peak watt (Wp) produced will depend on the size of the PV panel and climate of parking lot location.

You should calculate the total Wp rating needed for solar PV panels, as well as the number of solar panels required for the system.  This way, you will get the minimum number of solar panels for your parking lot.

The best solar Lights for Parking Lots

Solar-powered LED lights are an energy efficient and reliable solution for solar parking lots. To make the most out of them, you should seek assistance from professionals. Choose a reliable company with a vast experience in developing and manufacturing solar outdoor lighting solutions, such as NOMO GROUP CO.,LIMITED.

The engineers will help you choose the right type of LED fixture that will complement your solar lighting system. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration, such as color temperature, uniformity, light quality, the proper lighting distribution, etc.

NOMO's knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers can help you in designing the location and orientation by providing lighting calculations, mapping and wind resistance calculations.