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solar street light price
- Apr 09, 2018 -

When comes to solar street light project , most customer will surely consider price frist . However , in most conditions , that is a wrong way when you choose solar street light .


Here is my sugesstions .

1.You  need to first check your own actrual requirement . Such as the lux requirment you need undergroud , the backup time you need for your solar street light project , How many hours your solar street light need to work every day , Pirce is important but is not most important thing you need to consider .

2.You need to compare the specs yiou get from different supplier , For exzample

A. how is the batttery they use for their solar street lighting products , is it lead acid , ni-cd , Traditional Lithium battery or lifepo4 batteries .

B, what is the controller they use for their solar street lighting solutions , mppt or pwm or just a controller pcb ?

C. How is the solar panel they use for their solar street light , is it high efficency mono crystlline solar panel or just normal poly crystalline solar panel .

D.How is the total output lumen of their solar street light , what about the LED chip use ?

E. Your speical requirement for the solar  street light project .


3. The warranty terms and after sales service .

4.How professional the manufacture is , do they supply oem and ODM ,


These are all the factors when you choose solar street light rather than just solar street light price .


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