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Types of solar systems for your home
- Dec 07, 2017 -

Rooftop solar systems

Rooftop solar systems are the most popular option for homeowners because residential roofs usually have enough space and are well-suited for maximum energy production. Your roof should be unshade and ideally facing toward SSE and SSW for best results. A SolarWorld installer can access your home's suitability for solar and provide you with a report detailing your projected savings with solar.

Benefits of a SolarWorld rooftop solar system:

  • Option of silver or black solar panels to meet your desired look

  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions

  • Maintains the integrity of your roof

  • Easily installed on flat or sloped roofs

  • Provides shade to cool home in summer, warm home in winter

  • Installed by a factory-trained SolarWorld installer

Ground solar systems

A ground mount solar system is ideal if you need a larger system than your roof will accomodate and have the available space on your property.

Benefits of a SolarWorld ground mount solar system:

  • Securely anchored to the ground

  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions

  • Easily installed on nearly every contour at a variety of heights and tilt angles

  • Raised mounting structures, like carports, also available

  • Installed by a factory-trained SolarWorld installer


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