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What are the advantages of high-power LED Street lamp?
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Alternative products of high power LED lamps are high pressure sodium lamps, has the following advantages:

First, one-way light

Characteristic of LED Streetlight---one-way, there is no diffusion, ensuring light efficiency.

Second, high light efficiency

LED Street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, LED street light to the desired lighting area, further improve the lighting efficiency. Energy saving has been reached. At present, the efficiency of the LED light source has reached 100lm/w, but there is still a lot of room, the theoretical value reached 200lm/w. And efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is only increased with power, so strong overall LED street lamps light efficiency than HPS.

Third, high color rendering of light

LED Street lamp light color than many HPS high, high pressure sodium lamp color-rendering index is only about 23 and LED Street lamp color-rendering index above 70, from a psychological perspective, to achieve the same brightness, LED street light illumination compared to high-pressure sodium lamps have an average reduction (modelled on the UK street lighting standards. )

Four small, light failure

LED street light attenuation, and light attenuation is less than 3% a year, using road lighting requirements, and high pressure sodium lighting failure in, for about a year has fallen 30%, LED lamps use low power design can be compared to high-pressure sodium lamps.

Five, saving energy

Energy-saving LED street light control device, able to meet different lighting requirements of the greatest possible power, saving energy.

Using the relative safety. LED low voltage devices, drives a single LED voltage safety voltage, power for 1 w series single, so it is more secure than using high-voltage power supply power supply, ideal for public places (such as street lighting, industrial lighting, automotive lighting, commercial lighting, etc).

Six, easy to maintain

Each unit LED small-only a very small volume, so the device can be prepared in a variety of shapes, and suitable for variable environments.