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what is zigbee
- Aug 28, 2017 -

                            What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is the wireless language that everyday that devices use to connect to one another . Widely used on smart solar street light management . 

  1. zigbee makes light management  easy .

Nomo is the first compnay in the world who applies zigbee technology as well as IOT into solar  street light .

With our system , you can easily access to your light by a computer or mobile device .   You can check the work status of solar panel , Mppt controller , LIFEPO4 battery , LED ,  tempertaure , and charing / discharging conditions by our software . 



2.Zigbee makes light controlling easy .


With our zigbee based smart controlling system , you can achieve  functions such as  single  lamp/ Group lamps controlling, Task planing .


3.Zigbee makes everything smart .

Early warning when something is wrong about integrated solar street light . And will send sms message to the phone or computer  of operation manager .

and we will send repcement parts ahead of time . 



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