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8000LM Integrated Solar Street Light Outdoor Path Lighting Solar With Smart Controlling System

8000LM Integrated Solar Street Light Outdoor Path Lighting Solar With Smart Controlling System

NOMO 8000LM solar street light with smart control system can be used at All kind of transportation way : Highway, city street, city path, residential road, family courtyard, mining area, government administration area, place without electricity, park, parking lot village, ect.

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8000LM Integrated Solar Street Light Outdoor Path Lighting Solar With Smart Controlling System

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NOMO  all in one LED solar street lights with intelligent control system ( NEW Hyperion generation ) 

Models : HP-3000 HP-5000 HP-8000 with 7 different lumen output from 2000LM-8000LM

It set Auto ON /OFF, time dimming, smart operation in one system with elegant NOMO patented design. It is expected to be the most popular solar street lights in the world, it is called Hyperion, and it is not only a solar street lights, but also a smart lighting system. 


It is very simple to use, no separate battery pack required with replaceable battery pack with drawer design and no complicated wiring or settings.


All you need to do is to install it with screws to the pole. The lights will switch on when the sun sets and switch off when the sun rises.


First developed customization service according the different requirement of brightness and lighting purpose. 

Hyperion-8000LM Specifications


Hyperion- -8000LM

PV Module


Life time

25 years (The power attenuation of each year is around 1%)

LED luminous 


LED chip

3535 LED

viewing Angel


Color Temperature


Color rendering index


Life time


Battery Tape

LiFePo4  battery

Battery Capacity


Battery life time


MPPT charge controller

including wireless communication module (please see the Communication topology below )

Timing mode

1Hr50% ,4Hr100%,3Hr50%,4Hr25%.

Infrared induction is optional

Circuit Protection

Overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions

Life time


Charging Time (STC)

6-8Hours(With STC)



Working Temperature

-20℃~+60℃(When the temperature is below -10℃, derating use  )

Storage Temperature


Protection Grade


Dimension Size(mm)


Installation Height

6 m to 8m light pole

Installation Diameter


Clearance of Installation

25m to 30m

Sperate Parts Introductions For Hyperion Solar Street Light with smart control system:

1) Intelligent DTU

DTU solar.jpg

The intelligent controlling system:


1. Battery :Charge , discharge and DOD , over load, over current for the cleaning system

2.System Function : Through the solar street light intelligent management systems and wireless control module on the street unified management, to achieve the lighting remote monitoring , real-time monitoring , intelligent control , energy saving performance

3. Management : Monitoring the working status for the street lighting system at real-time.

4. Alarm : Displaying any fault of lighting problem and alarm information.

5. Display : Electronic map display position control terminal , lights. 6. Operation : Lights can be operated, time control , light control, dimming and charging and discharging control , status for the real-time display lights, solar panels , battery information.

2)LED lamp 

solar street light led chips.jpg

Applied the highest efficacy above 180 lm/W super bright LED in the world.Through optimizing “White conversion technology.” the lifespan of the LED chip has also increased greatly. As per the LM 80, the LED lighting reliability evaluation , the average lifespan of LED chip is more than 50000 hours.

Lighting distribution

lighting distribution.jpg

Lighting distribution1.jpg

3) Controller 

smart controller.jpg

MPPT controller regulates and protects power to lamp and battery packs, with more protection function

1). Over input or output protection

2). LED soft starts function; reduce the electric current impact to LED lamp bead;

3). Lightning protection

4) LiFePo4 battery


LiFepo4 battery.jpg

NOMO solar street lights are using high quality LiFePo4 battery , Lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4 battery) is a type of rechargeable battery with the nominal voltage of 3.2V per cell. Because of its non-toxicity, high abundance of iron, excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance, long cycle life and high specific capacity, it is widely used in electric vehicles.


The most safe LiFe PO4 Batteries offers 4 times more storage and power capacity versus traditional lead acid batteries.

5) Solar panel 

solar street light solar panel.jpg

Mono crystalline PV module, highly efficient and tolerant to heat providing more output on a smaller footprint

Smart Solar Street Lights Application

High way ;patio lightingBuilding Parking Bike Path Suitable for Courtyard / Garden / Park / Street / Roadway / Pathway / Parking Lot / Private Road / Sidewalk / Public Square / Plaza / Campus / Farm & Ranch / Perimeter Security / Wildlife area / Remote Area / Military Base ;Country street

Solar street light in Jordan.jpg


All in one solar street lights installation :

Simple and safe way : digging cage, installation of lamps, light up, street lamps will be installed.

Pole installation. Pole length range from 4-8m with diameter size 70-80mm, wall thickness over 3.0mm.

About NOMO group factory : 

NOMO factory.jpg

We have around 10 years experience in manufacturing solar all in one street light , so far we have done projects in usa, uk , mexico,parts of africa , parkistan , EU and many other countries .

countries used solar.jpg

Production line :

production line.jpg

Projects samples :


We welcome clients all around the world to test our smart solar street light and benefit each other . Smart solar street light is the trend .


1.How solar street lights work ?

Nomo all in one LED solar street light taking the advantage of high efficient solar panel convert the the sun energy into electricity power, and charge the LiFe PO4 battery. And the OWN developed MPPT controller get the conversation in a re cycle and safe working, and ensure the high efficient charging. At the day, the solar panel collect the sun energy and and the battery store the power, so as to supply it to the LED light automatically at night( the time of lighting can be set up), meanwhile the optional motion sensor detect the human being movement, at this working mode, the light can be set 30% (pre setup) when no body detected,and 100% lighting when body movement, after 60-360seconds the body move out, it will return back to 30% to save more power. As the sun energy is a kind of inexhaustible,safe, eco friendly energy, it act a very import role for future development. So know about it, you will know more about nomo solar street lights. 

2.Where i can use solar street lights  ?

All kind of transportation way : Highway, city street, city path, residential road, family courtyard, mining area, government administration area, place without electricity, park, parking lot village, ect. 

3.How to deal with the faulty?

Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.

Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. For  defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.

If you're looking for the 8000lm integrated solar street light outdoor path lighting solar with smart controlling system, NOMO, as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, must be your best choice. Welcome to buy the quality solar products from our factory, and the customized service is also available.