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China High Quality Outdoor Street Solar Lights Prices Hot Selling Solar Powered Street Lights

China High Quality Outdoor Street Solar Lights Prices Hot Selling Solar Powered Street Lights

NOMO GROUP offers high quality solar street light, all in one design or spilt type led solar street lights. generally used for highway ;patio lighting; Building Parking ; Bike Path ;Suitable for Courtyard / Garden / Park / Street / Roadway / Pathway / Parking Lot / Private Road / Sidewalk

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China high quality outdoor street solar lights prices hot selling solar powered street lights

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NOMO GROUP offers high quality integrated solar street light , so far we have done many major government projects.

Thanks to the efforts of NOMO R&D teams, new generation of AIO LED solar street lights is created by NOMO group in 2017, it is the new products with more featured function, more energy saving, durable. 

It's called Hyperion all in one solar street lights. 

The advantages of Hyperion solar street lights:

1. 5 Years warranty 

2. Class A allunminium Housing. 

3. 5-7 years lifetime Li Fe PO4 battery

4. High efficiency charging and discharging Controller.

5. Intelligient controlling system.

6. Optional lumen from 2000LM-8000LM meet different requriement.

7. Professional Illumination Distribution.

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1.Parameter of 3000LM Hyperion solar street light


Hyperion- 3000LM

PV Module


Life time

25 years (The power attenuation of each year is around 1%)

LED luminous


LED chip

3535 LED

viewing Angel


Color Temperature


Color rendering index


Life time


Battery Tape

LiFePo4  battery

Battery Capacity


Battery life time


MPPT charge controller

including wireless communication module (please see the Communication topology below )

Timing mode

1Hr50% ,4Hr100%,3Hr50%,4Hr25%.

Infrared induction is optional

Circuit Protection

Overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions

Life time


Charging Time (STC)

6-8Hours(With STC)



Working Temperature

-20℃~+60℃(When the temperature is below -10℃, derating use  )

Storage Temperature


Protection Grade


Dimension Size(mm)


Installation Height

4 m to 6m light pole

Installation Diameter


Clearance of Installation

15m to20m

2. Working mode

solar street light working mode.jpg

3. Light distribution

solar lighting distribution.jpg

lighting distribution.jpg

solar lights.jpg

4. Installation of integrated solar street light

pole installation.jpg

pole installation.1.jpg

pole installation2.jpg

Simple and safe way : digging cage, installation of lamps, light up, street lamps will be installed.

Installation summary:


from the above comparison can be seen in the installation, the installation of a split type solar street time takes time to 2-2.5 hours. The all in one solar street lights takes 30min- 1hour only.



As well as the integration of the light source, the installation process is omitted, so that the installation speed is greatly improved, saving the construction cost of the whole project.

We can understand the installation costs, maintenance costs, split type is more expensive than all in one, and all in one much cheaper, so that more and more people choose all in one solar street lights.


5.More information about nomo all in one solar street lights Hyperion 

I. Note:

● The work time depends on the weather condition, the season and the location
● It is waterproof, but limited to rain and moisture( cannot immerged into the water or stay in the water too long).
● Please be sure it is installed in a well-lit location where the solar panel can get maximum sunlight during the day.
● The fully charged street light can be stored up to six months. Please take timely inspection and charge the battery after a long time transportation and storage so that the battery can perform well.

● Facing south in the northern hemisphere and north in the southern hemisphere. Slope angle should be adjusted according to the local latitude. Solar panels must be installed in the sunny, no houses, trees shade place so that they can receive light all day ( Minimum requirements:9.00 am - 16.00 PM without sunscreen,)

● Keep cleaning the solar panel every few time so that the solar panel can generate power at maximum efficiency.

6. NOMO All in one solar street light application projects

Welcome to contact NOMO GROUP, if you want to know more information for Integrated solar street lights.


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