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Split Solar Street Lamp Features
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Split solar street light features

1, solar modules from monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells laminated.

2, solar modules in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Organization IEC-61215.1993 standard design.

3, the structure; positive for the 3.2MM high transmittance (more than 92%) of low-iron steel velvet glass, Split Type Solar Street Light back material for the TPT, film EVA.

4, the framework; plating oxide film aluminum alloy.

5, with multiple waterproof contact linker.

6, component size can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Split solar street lights advantage

1, low operating costs, no consumption of energy.

2, easy to install, no need to lay the line and put a lot of installation costs.

3, can be used in different environments.

4, according to the actual load demand and accurate design.

5, low maintenance costs.

6, do not need fuel.

7, no noise when operating.

8, there is no easy to wear the moving parts.

9, no pollution, environmental protection.

10, long-term operation in the unattended environment.

11, the daily lighting time 6 to 8 hours, Split Type Solar Street Light can work for three consecutive rainy days.

One of the key components of a separate solar street light system is the battery, which stores electricity during the day and outputs electricity at night, bearing the energy storage and supply of the entire system, and its importance is self-evident. Maintenance-free colloidal batteries as a development of lead-acid battery classification, widely used for UPS power supply, EPS power supply, the automotive industry and other important power use, in the solar street light system is thriving, has been widely used. Split Type Solar Street Light This is inseparable from the unique advantages of colloidal battery technology.

 In the production process, maintenance-free colloidal batteries in the production process, is added in the sulfuric acid gelling agent, so that sulfuric acid into a colloidal electrolyte. Electrohydraulic colloidal battery is usually called the colloidal battery, to avoid the risk of liquid spill spilled, in a broad sense, colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid battery is not only the difference between the electro-hydraulic to gel. Split Type Solar Street Light Maintenance-free colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries are the most important difference is: from the initial electrolytic gel, further development to the electrolyte structure of the electrochemical characteristics of research, as well as in the grid and the application of active substances in the promotion.