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A Smart Solar Street Light For Desert Areas
- Nov 04, 2018 -

With the vigorous promotion of new energy, solar street lamps have been favored by more and more people. Because of the different climatic conditions, especially in dry areas and countries, such as sandy areas, Middle East countries, The traditional solar street lamps can not maximize its value.

Through unremitting efforts, NOMO has finally designed and developed a new type of solar street lamp suitable for these areas.— Robotic Self-cleaning solar lamp.


As we all know, high temperature, less rain and more dust are the main characteristics of dry climates, so we have fully considered these aspects of this product:

1.The integrated aluminum alloy shell itself is an excellent radiator, which will protect the lamp from overheating.


2. Dusty areas, at raining days, dust is very easy to coagulate and attached to the surface of solar panels. The adjustable tailstock of HYPERION SERIES not only allows the solar panel to maximize daylighting according to actual needs, but also reduces dust accumulation at this tilt angle. And new function: automatic cleaning which make the efficiency of the solar panel is maximized. Water free cleaning, Intelligent setting.


3. Intelligent life requires intelligent products, Our HYPERION SERIES has the Internet of Things to control the lamps for option. Real-time monitoring, time and labor-saving, which greatly reduce the cost of street lamp maintenance.

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