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- Feb 09, 2018 -


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Please raise your hand if you've ever felt betrayed by thsolar street lights you just installed. The night is starting to fall, the lights should come up, but they stay off. In this very moment you are probably cursing yourself for being enthusiastic about solar energy and its applications.

Sooner or later this is exactly what happens once you buy solar street light. You are told by the sales department of the company that their model of solar street light is a perfect fit for your application, throwing bunch of numbers and calculations right in front of your face. What they also tell you is that it will have 5 or more days of autonomy (this is just a fancy term used to explain that it will be/stay operational) once bad weather occurs.

99% of the time (except for you located around the equator) you will not have the autonomy you have been promised and you will feel deceived for the money you have invested into solar street lighting.

We have good news for you guys! The technology has evolved and today more than ever before, it is possible to achieve 365 days autonomy with your solar street light by applying remote smart management control system .

In this post, we will walk you through the basics of smart solar street light technology, how it works and what you need to know in order to make the right purchase decision next time you do it. Ready? Let's dive in.

Fundamentals of Smart Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting - The Past 

We will start with the basics. What are the key elements that you need to have in each solar street light in order to make it functional? Let's see:

-Solar Panel


-Solar Charger Controller/ Inverter (depending on the voltage in the system)

-LED Light

-Interconnected cables


In this post, we will presume that you know the basic configuration for solar panel, battery and led light and we will focus on additional components that you need to be aware of in order to make solar street lights intelligent, but above everything else functional. However, if you are in doubt check out this article where you will find more details depending on your needs. 

Smart Solar Street Lighting - The Future


Now, how do we make it smart? As a matter of fact it's not that hard, once you know what components to apply. Let's see:

Software solution-smart management and control system

Finally, once you have all of the system components in place you need a software solution that will enable you to proactively monitor and control each solar street light in real time.

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In the next section we will explain how to use smart control system in order to make solar street light functional throughout the year and to always have lights when you need them. 

Manage and control your lights remotely 

Here comes the most exciting part, so let's jump into it. 

Once we have real time remote control and monitoring over the system no matter where the smart solar street light is, we can observe the parameters, change them and adapt to different conditions and situations. What's more if you have a possibility to know what will happen in the future ( weather prediction) then nothing can surprise you and your system.

Adjusting lighting plans for smart solar street light

software application makes it simple to set up and change lighting profiles that automatically adjust based on time of the day. For example, if you know that pedestrian frequency is highest from 8 PM to 11 PM, you will adjust brightness to 100 % of light. However, after midnight you know that pedestrian frequency is very low thus you would dim the lights to 40% and turn on the motion sensor. Once someone is passing by, the lights would go to 100% brightness (you can even adjust how long the light will stay on 100 % once pedestrian traffic occurs).Just so you know, when you dim led lights from 100% to 40 % your eye would not see even notice the difference. This means that the light level from the pedestrian point of view stays the same whereas you save 60% of energy costs.

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To conclude, solar street light have not been adopted so far as dependable substitute for traditional street lighting due to the fact that they are not reliable source of lighting. Times have changed and today with the help of smart technology, we are able to transform solar street lights into standardized lighting solution demystifying its bad reputation from the past.