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All In One Solar Street Light With Auto Cleaning System
- Jul 31, 2018 -

All In One Solar Street Light with Auto Cleaning System

With the wide use of solar street lamps, people pay more and more attention to the efficiency of solar panels. Nomo, as a leading in solar street lights, we are pursuing for making the lights have humanized performance.

Dust and dirt particles accumulating on solar panels will decrease the solar energy reaching the cells, thereby reducing their overall power output. Hence, cleaning the panels is a problem of great practical engineering interest in solar PV power generation. With the joint efforts of all departments of NOMO GROUP, we found a good solution: SOALR PANEL CLEANING SYSTME which make the solar panel and light more efficiency and has long lifetime.


Water-free cleaning system, which removes over 98% of the dust from panels. Does not require installation of water pipes, water tanks, electrical cables to power/charge the system; it is energy independent.


Monitor and manage your system from anywhere in the world via our remote management platforms, where you can initiate cleanings, setting and change schedules, look at historical statistics or drill down into the function of the system.


Comparing with the normal street lights, lights with Solar Panel Cleaning System is more efficient. Please click this link: