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Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning All In One Solar Street Light
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Automatic solar panel Cleaning all in one Solar street light

As far as we know , solar panel is a very important parts of all in one solar street lights , it absorbs solar energy and trnasfer it into the electricity power of the battery storage part , and then power the LED.

Therefore in order to keep solar street lights work normally and run lighting the whole night , we should keep the maximum efficency of solar panel .

Besides solar panels efficiency and size, there are other factors that affect how much power your solar panels will create. Living in Arizona willget more solar radiation than someone who lives in  the mid west. Solar energy output is also affected by weather and seasonal variations. The angle of the sun to the solar panel changes with the time of day and seasonal variations. Cloudy and rainy days also contribute to less effectiveness of the sunlight  collection.

 Solar Panel Pitch and Orientation
 Temperature
 Shade
 Dust and Dirt

And today we are just focus on dust and dirt    According to the research ,Solar cells cannot absorb light as  effectively when the surface of the solar panels is covered with dirt or birds droppings, which doesn’t get washed by the rain. Making frequent physical  inspections and spraying water on your modules can help reduce the problem.

auto cleaning solar panel system al on one solar street light

Dusty environment accumulation of dust  on the solar panels leads to reduction of the  transmittance of the panel. Solar desalination plantsin some of the middle-east countries like the solar  desalination plant of Abu Dhabi suffers from the  deposition of dust on its solar plates. The effect of the accumulated dust will be reduced with the  increasing of tilt angle, since the tilt angle will  affect the exposure time to the sunlight also. But the best way to eliminate the effect of the  accumulated dust on the solar panels is to clean the panels. Cleaning the solar panels is normally by washing which is tedious and cumbersome and also expensive in terms of the labour involved and time. In practice cleaning of solar panels should be  frequently done. The cleaning method is  summarized as natural means, mechanical means.

1.Natural removal of dusts
The natural powers are employed to remove the dusts, such as wind power, gravitation  and the scour of the rainwater. The effect of this method is not very well. Reseacrhers reported that they had studied the validity of this method. It is viable that the solar cell array can be turned to vertical or oblique position to remove the dusts easily when early morning, late evening, night and a rainy day. However, the  rotation of the large solar cell array is very difficult.

2.Manual removal of dusts
The mechanical methods remove the dusts by brushing, blowing, vibrating and ultrasonic  driving. The brushing methods clean the solar cell with something like the broom or brush that were  driven by the machine was designed just like  windscreen-wiper. However, firstly, because of the  small size and the strong adhesively of the dusts, the cleaning method is inefficient. Secondly, the  abominable working environment of the solar cell makes the maintenance of the machine difficult.  Then, due to the large area of the solar cell array,  the cleaning machine is powerful. Lastly, the surfaces of the solar cell maybe were damaged by
the brush when wiping. The blowing method cleaning the solar cell with wind power is an effective cleaning one except the low efficiency,  high energy-consumption and the unsatisfactory  maintainability of the blower.


Nomo slef cleaning solar street light is using manual removal method and the cleaning efficecny is very high and safe .

It use a built in motor with light material cleaning  brush outside  and programmed by our self developed mppt controller . every time back and fourth , two rounds , only cnsumes around 0.5wh battery capacity and also cost less than 3 minutes .

Besides you can use our self developed smart solar street cleaning system to monitor how it works and performance .

Wlecome to contact us for more questions .