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Big Competition Of Solar Street Lights
- May 29, 2018 -

Big competition of solar street lights


Solar street light products are inevitable in the development of new energy, and are currently in an industry that is highly be paid attention to . For the development of solar street lights, the country has also gradually established its industry standards and unified standards, so there are many ways to allow users to measure the level of the manufacturer’s technology. With the increasing cost of labor, the intensification of market competition, and the adoption of the east wind of the Belt and Road Initiative, domestic lighting companies have begun to snatch foreign markets. The price war for solar street lights will naturally become one of the means for the development of the industry. However, the ultimate result of low-cost solar street lights is to constantly sacrifice product quality and profits, which has laid a root to the hidden dangers of product quality.

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However, the price of integration solar street lights on the market is still uneven, mainly because the solar street light industry is now an important development industry for national energy conservation and environmental protection policies. The market competition is very large, more and more solar street lights manufacturers are emerging. The market is also strained. Therefore, Facing fierce competition in the solar street lighting industry, the customer’s selectivity is even more, and the choice is much more likely to allow customers to choose what they want. Not to mention that because of fierce competition in the industry, many manufacturers are cheating on product materials. Make a fuss and reduce costs to retain customers. This has caused many customers to choose inferior solar energy products.

Frequent problems with products, in addition to the price war of solar street light, there is a reason that the production standards are different, because the implementation of different standards, there are differences in the definition of solar street lights quality. Some street lighting manufacturing enterprises have barely met their standards, and when the market is not strictly supervised, the products that are sold will appear substandard.

The price competition of solar street lights has always been a common problem in the industry. Some consumers have been using low-priced products for some small amounts of profit, it caused problems that solar powered led street lights cannot be used after a period of using. This is why there is more and more customers reflecting that there are many problems happened to solar street light that they bought, that has caused the decline in industry demand.


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