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Choose The Best Battery For Your All In One Solar Street Lights
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Some clients ask why our Integrated solar street light prices are higher than the ones of some other companies. My answer is you get what you paid, quality, services, warranty maybe different. One of factors is the batteries for integrated solar street lights. We use excellent lithium iron phosphate ( lithium iron phosphate = LiFePO4) battery for our integrated solar street lights, and there are some companies use Ternary Battery to save cost. Here let’s compare these two batteries on the following 4 aspects:


1, Stability 

LiFePO4 battery:

It will be decomposed when the temperature higher than 480 0C (tested with fire, acupuncture and other very strict testing methods.).

Ternary battery:

Its material nickel-cobalt-aluminum(NCM) is decomposed and released when it is 180 0C and react more forcefully.

It is obvious to see the Lithium iron phosphate battery is more stable. So if take stablility into consideration, it is better to choose LiFePO4 battery for our integrated solar street lamp.


2, Charging-discharging cycles

LiFePO4 battery:

It has more than 2000 Charging-discharging cycles (1 cycle=1 time 100% charging and 1 time 100% discharging), and the rated capacity is maintained up to 88% after 2000 deep cycles. 

Ternary battery:

It just can be cycled about 800 times, after 800 times, the actual capacity has been lower than the rated capacity of 80%.

So the Lithium iron phosphate battery have longer life time. 


3, Safety under high temperature

LiFePO4 battery:

It has very good performance when the temperature is very high ( 60 -70 0C ). Very stable even in the high heat environment.

Ternary battery:

It can not work very well at the very high temperature.

Because it is made of nickel, cobalt, aluminum, which are unstable, the stability at high temperature is poor, and the high PH value makes it easy to generate monomer flatulence and cause danger.

As we know that for all-in-one solar street lamp, all parts including the battery are in one box, during daytime when the solar panel charging, the temperature inside of the box will get very high. If use ternary battery for integrated solar street lamp, it may cause fire or even explosion.

So for Integrated solar street lamp, it is better to built in Lithium iron phosphate battery.


 4, Cost

The Ternary battery is general so that with lower manufacturing cost, and the Lithium iron phosphate battery is more expensive to produce. So if factories use Ternary battery for the integrated solar street lights, the cost will be lower.

But if considering the charing-discharging cycles into consideration, the LiFePO4 battery has better value for money.

According to the above comparsions, we know that the LiFePO4 battery have better performance on stability,  Charging-discharging cycles,  Safety and value for money.   

Now we use top grade LiFePO4 battery for our all-in-one solar powered street lights, and offer 5 years warranty. 

Pls do not hesitate contact us for more details of  Integrated solar street light , we will be very glad to offer supports.