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Deep Thinking About Electric Shock Caused By HEAVY RAIN( Using DC Solar Street Light)
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Deep Thinking about electric shock caused by HEAVY RAIN( using DC solar street light)

A few days ago, because of the heavy rainfall brought by the typhoon “Ayunni”. In Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and other places, three people have been suspected of electric shocks in the streets. This has scared many people, so the people does not dare to go out on rainy days. After all, on the streets of the city, there are public facilities that can be seen everywhere. In rainy days, electric shocks and deaths have occurred in the past. For example, in Zhengzhou in August 2013, four people were electrocuted in two heavy rains in a week. In July 2016, four outdoor electric shock accidents occurred in Kaifeng, Henan, causing one person. Injured, 4 people died; in July 2016, Leshan, Sichuan, two men were leaked due to electric leakage from the roadside poles. Such cases have occurred from time to time, making people feel awkward.



 Avoid drowning, away from power facilities


In these events, electric shock is always an inevitable word. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of society, the vigorous construction of infrastructure, and the continuous improvement of municipal construction, the street lamp industry has also ushered in a booming development. However, there is a lack of management and quality security issues. The lamp poles are wide-ranging, and if there is leakage, it may cause serious casualties, which not only brings pain to the victims’ families, but also the relevant departments must bear economic compensation. In addition to the preventive maintenance of traditional street lamps, it is also a wise choice to add or replace solar street lights. Let me introduce to you why solar street lights are safer than traditional city lights.

Since it is said that electricity is concerned, the key factor of voltage cannot be avoided. The teacher from the primary school told us that the safety voltage of the human body is 36V. So how does the 36V figure come from?

First of all, the reason why there is a safe voltage is that the human body is equivalent to a resistor. When a person touches a voltage, it will generate current, and the direct harm to the human body is the current through the human body. When the human body passes a current of less than 5 mA, it only produces a “hemp” feeling, and there is no danger. Therefore, the scientists have obtained the maximum resistance of the human body under normal circumstances through experiments, and then obtained the human safety voltage value through reverse thrust. This value is just 36V. This is the source of the human body safety voltage of 36V. In the event of an electric shock, current rather than voltage is the direct cause of life injury in an electric shock accident. The severity of the electric shock is positively related to the current passing through the human body. However, unlike alternating current, the magnitude of the current of the direct current does not change with time. When a DC shock and an AC shock occur, there is a large difference in the current threshold for the human body to produce the same physiological response.

It can be seen from the comparison of the electric shock effects generated when direct current or alternating current is applied to the human body, the direct current electricity required to generate the same physiological effect is larger than the alternating current. The most fatal cause of electric shock accidents is ventricular fibrillation, so if an electric shock such as an electric shock occurs, the alternating current is more likely to cause ventricular fibrillation, and the direct current is more secure.
It can be seen that the use of low voltage DC power is far more secure than the use of high voltage AC power from the mains.

NOMO Solar Street Light uses a safer 12-24V ultra-low voltage DC power, stable voltage, reliable operation and no safety hazards. The traditional street lamps adopt 220V high-voltage alternating current, which has great safety hazards. People’s living environment is changing constantly. Road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, power supply is not normal, cross-construction of water and electric pipelines and storms and lightning will bring many hidden dangers. 

As the drafting unit of the national standard for solar IoT street lights, NOMO GROUP has always adhered to the values of “Quality is the enterprise, the integrity is the future”, and the vision of “Building a new generation of solar IoT street lights” is the vision, adhering to safety, energy saving and green. The concept of environmental protection, using photovoltaic energy storage technology, lithium energy storage technology, Internet of Things technology, to produce high-quality solar street lighting products. The products cover the whole country and are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions in the world. Quality and safety are trust worthy.


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