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Frequently Asked Questions About Integrated Solar Street Lights
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Frequently Asked Questions about Integrated LED Solar Street Lights

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NOMO integrated solar street light use LiFePO4 battery.

1. Why should use LiFePO4 Battery, instead of MnNiCo ternary battery?
Life-time for LiFePO4 battery is more than 1500times (8~10years), but for MnNiCo ternary battery is only with 500times (2~3years), compared with them, the life-time for LiFePO4 battery is 3 times of the MnNiCo ternary battery. 
Compared their stability of high and low temperature performance, LiFePO4 battery is also better than MnNiCo ternary battery.

Following are the key solar street light battery specifications

BATTERY    LiFePO4                 LiMn2O4 BATTERY

Circles       1200-2000 80%DOD          800-900 80%DOD

Working Temperature  -20℃-70℃       -40℃-40℃

Inout voltage / cell  3.2v    3.7v 

LiFepo4 battery.png

2. Why for small power integrative solar street light is adopted with human sensor? but for large power street light is without the human sensor?

Installation height for large power street light is normally with 8 to 10 meters, but the best detect distance for human sensor is no more than 7 meters 

3. Why the maximum power for integrated solar streetl ight is generally no more than 60W?

For 60W integrated solar street light is configured with 110W Sunpower solar panel, size with 1420*400mm, the solar panel would be required with much bigger size for streetlights above 60W, so that the whole size for streetlights would be much larger 

4. Why there is much bigger difference for the price of integrated solar street lights in market?

Compared with the battery, material of solar cells for solar panel, the poor quality battery can be reduced down with 60% from the cost!

Virtual standard or exaggerated the light power, actual 30W configuration of street light is marked with 50W for selling

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