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High Technological Content Of Solar Street Lamps
- Aug 31, 2017 -

At night, without running out, we can't have a day's life and work. Everywhere in the world it seems to me that there is no need for light, we have too much sunlight during the day, we have street lights at night, and the power consumption of street lamps all over the world is amazing. Therefore, solar energy as a new energy, is used in our life, solar street lights will bring the sun to the night, but also by people's praise.

Solar street lamps are generally composed of solar panels, controllers, batteries, lamp caps, light poles, cables and other parts.

Solar street lighting systems rely on daylight solar panels to produce electricity and transmit the generated energy to storage batteries. LED Solar Street Light At night when the illumination drops to a certain degree or reaches a certain moment, through the controller control, causes the battery to discharge to the light source electric appliance. When the illumination rises to a certain degree or a certain point, the electricity is automatically turned off. It eliminates the need to lay the cable, LED Solar Street Light does not consume the conventional energy, the energy-saving environmental protection, installs conveniently.

Solar street lamps are not as bright as people think. On the contrary, LED Solar Street Light the probability of a common street lamp failure is often. As the fourth generation of new light source, LED lighting in the city, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other fields of illumination and application has been effectively used, especially in remote areas, LED Solar Street Light solar road lamps have a wide range of application prospects.

Solar street lamps and ordinary electric light, do not consume conventional energy, installation does not have to ditch the wiring, independent power generation lighting system, LED Solar Street Light automatic flash no need for personal control. Solar street lamps in the use of the process mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity, can save a lot of electricity, LED Solar Street Light solar street lamp is really done to bring the sun to the night, illuminate your way home!

Advantages of Solar Street lamps

1, energy-saving, it uses natural light source, no need to consume electricity, and inexhaustible;

2, environmental protection, the use of LED lamps in line with green environmental requirements, non-polluting, no radiation, protect the ecology;

3, safety, LED Solar Street Light because the product does not use alternating current, LED Solar Street Light through solar panels to absorb light energy to convert the lighting needed;

4. High technology content, the core device of the product is intelligent constant current controller, which can be adjusted automatically according to the need of brightness, intelligent switch;

5. Long service life, free wiring, LED Solar Street Light low installation cost and convenient maintenance.