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How To Design A Solar Street Light For Desert Area
- Oct 18, 2018 -

                       How to design a solar street light for desert area      


To design a smart solar street light for desert areas , there is a lot of things you need to consider .Due to the extreme temperature , working in desert ares needs efficency and precision .

Besied the dust gathered will slowly reduce the efficecny of solar panel . We Nomo group did not back from chanllenge when receive solar light orders in such dusty desert areas. 

                           The factors you need to consider when designing an integrated solar street light for desert area    

  1. Desert are hot during the day but extremely cold in the night . The big difference in temperature need to be addressed when design a smart solar lamp for desert areas . Nomo Helios uses high strength aluminum profile and unique heat sink to keep the all in one solar street light from overheating . Besides all our solar lights used high efficency led chip from philips , LG which can reach 160lm per watt above .


2.dust  .

Sand will cover the solar panels if not cleaned often , and it greatly affected  the solar panel efficency . In Order to solve this problem , Nomo enginners works day  and night and finally the self cleaning solar street light come to the stage . 


With the built in smart solar street light controlling system , it works twice a day , and each day  consumes only 0.5wh power and takes around 3 minutes . No sand or dust  will accumulated on the panel and the robotic solar street light will work perfectly even 5 yeras after .

3.Sand storms .

We Nomo group  sees to it that the concrete base of its solar streetlights are planted deep below the ground so any shifting of sad will not make it lose. The solar street lights may be easy to install, but they are also built to be sturdy in whatever weather.

4.Heatwaves and rain ,

Nomo auto cleaning solar street lights use the top level lifepo4 battery and opearting temperature is range from -20-+60 degree , so even in extreme hot wetaher , the solar street light can still work perfectly . Besides with the unique design of smart energy pack , ,the heat transfer very  quickly and inside temperature will not increase within only 5-8 degree .

Except for all these mentioned , we also apply our patent smart solar street light controlling system in the design which enable you to monitor the work status of solar panel , battery , controller , LED even at your home .Besides it can also adjust itselves into the best work mode according to the local weather and sunshine data .


Nomo  engineers have developed sustainable state-of-the-art technology to make better options for companies and contractors. These experienced engineers will work with you to determine the best solar lighting solution that will fit your requirement. There are several factors to consider in order to come up with the optimum solar lighting solution for your needs. Sunmaster doesn’t believe that one model fits all. Cost-effective and sustainable lighting solutions can work hand in hand. Contact us and our engineers will be happy to assist you


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