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Integrated Solar Street Lamp Achieves Energy Saving Effect
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street Lamp, also called solar integrated lamp, is an efficient solar panel, 3-5 years long life of lithium batteries, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, All In One LED Solar Street Light PIR human body sensor module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. concentrated in one solar street lamp.

Solar panels integrated solar energy through the conversion of solar energy into electricity, and stored in lithium batteries, LED lights under the control of intelligent control, All In One LED Solar Street Light during the day in the solar energy charging, automatic work at night, at the same time, the human body intelligent Sensor System can be in unmanned environment, to achieve energy-saving effect. All are automatically controlled with intelligent controller.

Integrated Solar street Lamp is a solar panel, LED lights and lithium batteries in one, through the intelligent human body sensor system, so that it has low energy consumption, high use, high lumen, maintenance-free features. At the same time, All In One LED Solar Street Light integrated Solar street light is easy to install, convenient transportation.

Integrated Solar street lamps can be installed in courtyards, residential areas, stadiums, highways, mining areas, car parks, All In One LED Solar Street Light and any place where lighting is needed, wherein the battery provides illumination and the solar panel converts the converted energy into the battery.

Integrated Solar street lamps are mainly composed of solar panels, enclosures, lithium batteries, LED lights, human intelligent sensor Controller and lamp hoop (support rod).

Integrated Solar street light for energy, solar panels during the day to charge lithium batteries, at night, lithium battery to the lamp source power supply, All In One LED Solar Street Light no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-free, no need for manual operation and stable and reliable, save electricity and maintenance. In the increasingly advocating energy-saving and environmental protection today, All In One LED Solar Street Light integrated solar street lamps are also more and more people's attention, integrated solar street lamp has become a new favorite road lighting.

Integrated Solar street lighting device concise do not need to lay cable: Integrated solar street lighting device, only a cement base, and then with stainless steel screws can be fixed, there is no need to dig buried batteries, and save the installation costs.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp is one-time investment, although just started to invest more than the mains, but no protection costs, three years can be recycled capital investment, All In One LED Solar Street Light the use of a long time to 5 years, quality assurance 3 years, long-term income.

Each integrated solar street lamp is an independent system, if any problems will not affect the use of other streetlights.

Integrated Solar street lamps are ultra-low-pressure products, stable operation, security, reliable, integrated solar street lamp without safety risk.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp: Installation can be directly put into use, without manual management, with patented MPPT Intelligent Controller, light control + time control, smart phone app control, can set the morning light, intelligent controller automatic control work time, use more convenient.

Integrated Solar street Lamps: Solar power, All In One LED Solar Street Light do not consume conventional power, energy conservation and environmental protection.