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Integrated Solar Street Lamp Has Charge-discharge Protection Function
- Oct 18, 2017 -

The integrated Solar street lamp is a kind of lamp that uses the solar energy as the power, because it has not the power supply influence, does not need to ditch buries the line, does not consume the conventional electricity, as long as the sunlight is sufficient can install in place and so on the characteristic, therefore receives the people's widespread concern, also because it does not pollute the environment, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights but is called the Green Environmental protection product. Integrated Solar street lamps can be used for urban parks, roads, lawn lighting, but also for the population density is small, inconvenient economic development, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights lack of conventional fuel, it is difficult to use conventional energy generation, but solar energy-rich areas to solve these areas people's home lighting problems.

At present, the common problem of integrated solar street lamps is small power (illumination is equivalent to the incandescent lamp under 100W), in the face of continuous rainy, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights can only work about 5 days, and in large areas of use, its start-up time difference of up to more than 10 minutes, thus seriously affecting the promotion and application of sunlight light.

Integrated Solar street lamps consist of solar modules, batteries, power controllers, and light-emitting components. The technical features are: ① with a large power, light brightness equivalent to incandescent 150w-250w, 8 hours a day of lighting, can be in a continuous rainy 9 days of normal work; ② application of Photoelectric intelligent controller with charge-discharge protection, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights photosensitive automatic control device and time control device, so that the product can save energy effectively, Increase effective lighting time and reduce production cost; ③ Central Controller unit adopts TEC1208 type chip, and establishes the whole year sunshine time data of different latitude in the intelligent controller. When used, enter the latitude of the region in the Controller. Adjust the year, month, day and on/off time, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights you can automatically track the environment for years of light; ④ after large-scale use, start and close of the jet lag is very small, so as to better overcome the traditional solar energy lamp due to the start time difference caused by a variety of drawbacks.

Considerations for integrating Solar street lamps

1, integrated solar Energy street lamps to the solar radiation, irradiation on the photovoltaic modules on the adequacy of sunlight directly affect the lighting effect, so in the selection of the installation position of lamps, solar cell components in any time period can be irradiated to the sun, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights and no leaves and other shelter.

2, threading must pay attention to the wire do not clip in the junction of the lamp rod. The wires should be connected securely and wrapped with PVC tape.

3, when using, in order to ensure beautiful and battery components can better receive solar radiation, please clean every six months on the battery pack dust, but do not use water from the bottom of the flush.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp as an energy-saving and environmental protection lighting device, it not only reduces the environment for electricity generation, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights but also its application is more convenient, can be adjusted according to their own needs, so in some big cities on the road, many are using this kind of street lamps.