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Integrated Solar Street Lamps For Rural Road Lighting
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lighting design combines today's best green energy portfolio, the high efficiency solar energy, super bright semiconductor l e D light Source, super long 8 years life span lithium iron phosphate battery and the top human body induction module and so on integrates in one, the integrated solar street lamp has the easy installment, the Ultra Long life, the anti-theft, the intelligence control and so on characteristic. All In One LED Solar Street Light Integrated Solar street lamps outstanding design and stable performance, the perfect realization of low-power high brightness (average of 5 w power consumption of 1 0 0 W incandescent lamp illuminance), long-life Maintenance-free and excellent waterproof characteristics and other functional requirements. At the same time, All In One LED Solar Street Light transport installation is very fast and convenient. Integrated design, simple, stylish, lightweight, practical, using solar power to save electricity, protection of the Earth's resources, the use of human body infrared Induction control technology, people come to light, dark lights, extended lighting time, the use of lithium iron phosphate battery, 6-8 years of long life, the world's first and only patented technology, design battery can reach 8 years maintenance-free. All In One LED Solar Street Light Integrated Solar street lamp without pull line, installation extremely convenient, 5 minutes to complete a street lamp installation and construction, IP65 waterproof structure, safe and reliable, scalable timing, voice-activated and advanced intelligent functions;

Integrated Solar street lamps using modular design concept, easy to install, maintenance, maintenance, the use of alloy materials as the main structure, with good anti-rust, anti-corrosion function.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp-principle

The traditional working principle of the solar lamp is basically the same, All In One LED Solar Street Light but the Angel Eye Integrated Solar street lamp is different, it has the lamp holder, the battery board, the battery, the controller system, the control system controls the charge and discharge mode. If all is integrated into a lamp holder, lead-acid batteries will be replaced by lithium batteries, All In One LED Solar Street Light easy to install and lightweight.

Integrated Solar street Lamp-advantages

1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lamps is to save expensive installation construction and commissioning, as well as the cost of transportation of products, usually only 1/5 of the traditional lamp is available, if it is exported abroad, only the traditional split solar street lamp 1/10.

2, integrated solar street lamps with 8 years of long life, is the world's first lithium battery management and control technology, compared to two years need to replace some of the ordinary battery products, integrated solar street lamps in the future after-sales service and parts replacement costs can be greatly reduced, All In One LED Solar Street Light usually in 8 years do not need to replace the battery or maintenance, both in the 8 years after the need to replace, due to the use of a unique product structure design, without technical support and the guidance of engineers, users can only take a few minutes to complete the replacement.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp--Using model selection

1, installation 5-6m height: usually choose AST3616, AST3612, AST2510, respectively, power is 16W, 12W, 10W. It is characterized by high brightness and large power. Very suitable for rural, residential, All In One LED Solar Street Light park and other sidewalks or width in the 8-12m highway.

2, installation 4-5m height: usually choose AST2510, AST1808, AST2505, respectively, power is 10W, 8W, 5W, characteristics of small and medium power, cost-effective. Suitable for rural roads and roadway lighting. Suitable for rural, community, park and other sidewalks or width in the 6-10m road.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp--note

Usually do not need to pay attention to what, just need to avoid the tree or high-rise buildings, avoid the location of the Sun shelter can be installed. In addition, in the North market (the temperature below 0 degrees more than 10 days), the need to choose a low-temperature model.