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Integrated Solar Street Lamps Have Good Rust-proof Function
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lighting design combines today's best green energy portfolio, the high efficiency solar energy, super bright semiconductor L E D light Source, All In One LED Solar Street Light super long 8 years life span lithium iron phosphate battery and the top human body induction module and so on integrates in one, the integrated solar street lamp has the easy installment, the Ultra Long life, the anti-theft, All In One LED Solar Street Light the intelligence control and so on characteristic. Integrated Solar street lamps outstanding design and stable performance, the perfect realization of low-power high brightness (average of 5 w power consumption of 1 0 0 W incandescent lamp illuminance), long-life Maintenance-free and excellent waterproof characteristics and other functional requirements. At the same time, All In One LED Solar Street Light transport installation is very fast and convenient.

Integrated design of Solar street lamps, simple, stylish, lightweight, practical, the use of solar power to save power, protect the Earth's resources, the use of human body infrared Induction control technology, people come to light, dim light, extended lighting time; All In One LED Solar Street Light the use of lithium iron phosphate battery, 6-8 years of long life, the world's first and only patented technology, The design of battery can reach 8 years maintenance-free. Integrated Solar street lamp without pull line, installation extremely convenient, 5 minutes to complete a street lamp installation and construction, IP65 waterproof structure, safe and reliable, scalable timing, All In One LED Solar Street Light voice-activated and advanced intelligent functions;

Integrated Solar street lamps using modular design concept, easy to install, maintenance, maintenance, All In One LED Solar Street Light the use of alloy materials as the main structure, with good anti-rust, anti-corrosion function.

All In One LED Solar Street Light Height: 3-10 m

Light Source: 10-60 Watts

Color temperature; 6500K (2700-6500k)

Solar panel: polycrystalline/Monocrystalline 30w-180w (corresponds to light source 10w-60w)

Battery: Lithium battery 30ah-180ah

Controller: 12V10A Intelligent constant Current controller

Lamp Rod Material: Q235 model steel/overall hot dip galvanizing

Light Time: 6 hours

Weather resistant to rain: 3-5 days