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Integrated Solar Street Lamps In Full Compliance With International Standards
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lamps include lamp rods, the upper part of the lamp rod is provided with a lamp holder, the lamp holder is provided with an LED bulb, and the top of the lamp rod is provided with a power supply device located above the lamp holder, a rotating column is arranged on the connecting point of the power supply device and the lamp rod, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the power supply device can rotate along the rotating column, and the solar panel, the battery pack and the The battery is electrically connected with the solar panel and the lamp holder, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights and is used to control the LED bulb switch and the solar panel and battery charging and discharging controller electrically connected to the solar panels, batteries and caps. Solar panels, batteries and controllers are integrated into the power supply, which avoids the external line, is easy to install, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights and eliminates the need to destroy the bottom surface when compared with the existing solar street lamps.

The rotation angle of the solar panel can be adjusted to rotate the solar panel according to the position of the sun to achieve all-weather solar energy

The entire solar cell is encapsulated in an optimized EVA transparent film between the surface toughened glass and the multilayer resistant polymer back panel. An anodized aluminum outer frame is used around the assembly to protect the components and increase the strength. The quality of polycrystalline silicon PV modules is excellent, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights which conforms to the testing requirements of international standard IEC61215 and certified. Solar modules can withstand a variety of inclement weather conditions, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights including dramatic temperature variations, damp, strong winds and hail impact.

At present, from the civil point of view, the foreign technology research tends to mature and the initial industrialization is ' photovoltaic-building (lighting) integration ' technology, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights while the domestic main research and production applicable to the electricity-free area home lighting for small integrated solar street lamps.

Integrated Solar street lamps mainly include: Solar module (array), controller, battery, inverter, the user is the lighting load and so on. Among them, the solar cell module and the battery for the power system, the controller and the inverter for the control protection system, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the load is the system terminal.