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Integrated Solar Street Lamps Play An Important Role
- Oct 09, 2017 -

In our choice of street lamps, solar street lights have become a lot of city choice, and in many types of solar street lamps, integrated solar street lamps are the most widely used in urban street lighting construction, then we integrated Solar street lighting work principle is it? Today's little series to introduce you.

Integrated Solar street lamps, is an efficient solar panels, 8 years long life of lithium batteries, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module, All In One LED Solar Street Light anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. concentrated in one solar street lamp, also called Solar integration Solar Street lamp or integrated solar garden lights.

Integrated Solar street lamps are converted from solar panels to electricity and then charged to lithium-ion batteries in integrated solar streetlights. During the day, even on a cloudy day, this solar power generator (solar panel) collects, stores the energy needed for the evening automatic supply of LED lights for integrated solar street lamps, the realization of night lighting, All In One LED Solar Street Light at the same time the integration of solar street lamps with PIR human body induction function, can be realized at night intelligent human body infrared Induction control lamp , some people 100% bright, no one time delay after a certain period of automatic to 1/3 brightness, All In One LED Solar Street Light intelligent save more energy. At the same time, solar energy as an "inexhaustible" security, environmental protection of new energy in the integration of solar street lights played an important role.

Integrated Solar Street Lighting advantages

1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lamps is to save expensive installation construction and commissioning, as well as the cost of transportation of products, usually only 1/5 of the traditional lamp is available, if it is exported abroad, All In One LED Solar Street Light only the traditional split solar street lamp 1/10.

2, integrated solar street lamps with 8 years of super long life, is the world's first lithium battery management and control technology, compared to two years need to replace some of the ordinary battery products, integrated solar street lamps in the future after-sales service and parts replacement costs can be greatly reduced, usually within 8 years does not need to replace the battery or maintenance, both in 8 years after the need to replace, All In One LED Solar Street Light Because of the unique product structure design, the user can only take a few minutes to complete the replacement without technical support and engineer's guidance.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp--Using model selection

1, installation 5-6m height: usually choose AST3616, AST3612, AST2510, respectively, power is 16W, 12W, 10W. It is characterized by high brightness and large power. Very suitable for rural, residential, park and other sidewalks or width in the 8-12m highway.

2, installation 4-5m height: usually choose AST2510, AST1808, AST2505, respectively, power is 10W, 8W, 5W, features are small and medium power, high cost-effective. All In One LED Solar Street Light Suitable for rural roads and roadway lighting. Suitable for rural, community, park and other sidewalks or width in the 6-10m road.