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Integrated Solar Street Lamps Save A Lot Of Transportation Costs
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lamps include lamp rods, the upper part of the lamp rod is provided with a lamp holder, the lamp holder is provided with an LED bulb, and the top of the lamp rod is provided with a power supply device located above the lamp holder, a rotating column is arranged on the connecting point of the power supply device and the lamp rod, the power supply device can rotate along the rotating column, and the solar panel, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the battery pack and the The battery is electrically connected with the solar panel and the lamp holder, and is used to control the LED bulb switch and the solar panel and battery charging and discharging controller electrically connected to the solar panels, batteries and caps. Solar panels, batteries and controllers are integrated into the power supply, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights which avoids the external line, is easy to install, and eliminates the need to destroy the bottom surface when compared with the existing solar street lamps. The rotation angle of the solar panel can be adjusted to rotate the solar panel according to the position of the sun to achieve all-weather solar energy

Integrated Solar street lamps generally refer to integrated solar street lamps, he refers to the light source controller battery and battery panels to a piece, of course, the direction of the battery board is adjustable, the general common is the LED lamp inside the space placed lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate battery and then add a controller directly sealed into the lamp shell, Then the battery board to calculate the installation of such a convenient wiring is also easy to transport, such a street lamp has been installed, but the effect is not passable, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights do not too good, in the long run, the integration of solar street lamps can be very cheap very convenient service customers.

First integrated Solar street light occupies a small area, so things are integrated in the one or two parts, just like a laptop computer so the parts are concentrated in a province, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the second transportation is convenient, the volume of long-distance transport or short distance installation is very convenient, the third is easy to install, Now the solar street lamp 5 large components to the scene to assemble the street lamp, first put the battery board installed on the bracket and then put the lamp holder on the arm, and then put the bracket on the lamp rod, this premise is still manufacturers to you to wear a wire, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights and then no you still thread the assembly, The cost of personnel wages is not small, plus transportation and other costs must be saved a lot.

In short, some of the basis of solar street lights will certainly be able to serve the public, but more cost-effective integrated solar street lamps can certainly provide users with cheaper solar street lamp products, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights if there is no requirement, integrated solar street lamp is certainly a good choice.