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Integrated Solar Street Lamps Save Electricity From Maintenance
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lighting advantage is obvious, no debugging, easy installation, easy transportation, so that its low risk is very low. And Lin Sheng Integrated solar street lamp life long, late maintenance simple. Use of environmental protection materials, machine products are lead-free, All In One LED Solar Street Light and batteries to use lithium batteries, non-polluting, conducive to long-term protection of the ecological environment.

Integrated Solar street lamps in the design performance has been upgraded, such as batteries, the majority of street lamp batteries are now installed lithium batteries, in the performance far higher than the traditional street lamp battery. In addition, All In One LED Solar Street Light the integration of solar street lamps have the following advantages: 1, energy-saving: Solar photovoltaic conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible; 2, environmental protection: No pollution, no noise, no radiation; 3, safety: No electric shock, fire and other accidents; 3, Convenient: installation of simple, do not need to rack or "cut the belly" digging ground construction, All In One LED Solar Street Light there is no power blackouts worry; 4, long life: product technology content is high, control system, All In One LED Solar Street Light accessories are international brand, intelligent design, reliable quality; 5, High Grade: Science and technology products, green energy, the use of units attach importance to science and technology, green image enhancement, grade promotion; 6, less investment: one-time investment and alternating electricity equivalent (alternating current investment from power conversion, feed, control box, cable, engineering), an investment, long-term benefit; 7, the application of a wide range: solar energy in the natural, so there is always a place where the sun can be used, especially suitable for green landscape lighting, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions, All In One LED Solar Street Light coastal landscape lighting and embellishment, industrial development zone, Industrial and mining Enterprises street lights, the major colleges and universities outdoor lighting

Integrated Solar street light for energy, solar panels during the day to charge lithium batteries, at night, lithium battery to the lamp source power supply, no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-free, All In One LED Solar Street Light no need for manual operation and stable and reliable, save electricity and maintenance.

Integrated Solar street lighting device concise do not need to lay cable: Integrated solar street lighting device, only a cement base, and then with stainless steel screws can be fixed, there is no need to dig buried batteries, and save the installation costs.

Integrated Solar Road Lamp-free electricity: Integrated Solar street lighting is a one-off investment, although just started to invest more than the mains, but no protection costs, All In One LED Solar Street Light three years can be recycled capital investment, the use of a long time to 5 years, warranty 3 years, long time returns.

Integrated Solar street lamps are ultra-low-pressure products, stable operation, security, reliable, integrated solar street lamp without safety risk.

Integrated Solar Street Lamps:

Installation can be directly put into use, without manual management, All In One LED Solar Street Light with patented MPPT Intelligent Controller, light control + time control, All In One LED Solar Street Light smart phone app control, can set the morning light, intelligent controller automatic control work time, use more convenient.

Integrated Solar Street Lamps:

Use solar power, do not consume conventional power, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Integrated Solar street lighting design integration of today's best green energy portfolio, will be efficient solar energy, super bright semiconductor LED light source, super long 8 years of life expectancy of lithium iron phosphate battery and the top of the human body sensor modules, such as concentrated in one, All In One LED Solar Street Light integrated Solar street light installation, long life, anti-theft, intelligent control characteristics Integrated Solar street lamps outstanding design and stable performance, the perfect realization of low-power high brightness (average of 5 w power consumption of 1 0 0 W incandescent lamp illuminance), All In One LED Solar Street Light long-life Maintenance-free and excellent waterproof characteristics and other functional requirements. At the same time, transport installation is very fast and convenient.

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