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Integrated Solar Street Lamps Use Very Stable
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lamps will be efficient solar panels, 8 years long life of lithium batteries, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. concentrated in one solar street lamp, also called Solar integration Solar Street lamp or integrated solar garden lamp.

The minimalist styling blends today's best green energy portfolio (solar panels, super bright semiconductor LED light sources, lithium iron phosphate batteries). All In One LED Solar Street Light With the human body intelligent Sensor system, to achieve low power consumption, long time, high brightness, 8 years of maintenance-free life, in 2008, pioneered in Zhuhai, is the only solar energy in the field from China's independent innovation-oriented new products.

Integrated Solar street lighting design concept advanced, simple, stylish, light weight, good use.

The advantage is to save energy, environmental pollution-free, suitable for rural or courtyard roads.

Integrated Solar street lamps without power consumption, 0 electricity, All In One LED Solar Street Light energy-saving environmental protection, product solid and reliable, maintenance-free.

Integrated Solar street lamps using innovative integrated design, solar panels, batteries, lamp modules, controllers, infrared sensors set in one, easy to transport and installation, All In One LED Solar Street Light no customers to reassemble their own products. Only need a cement base, fixed with screws can, save a lot of installation costs.

Integrated Solar street lamps using the United States imported Cree lamp beads, luminous efficiency is high. First-class light source, combined with careful optimization of light, All In One LED Solar Street Light lighting area 40%, illumination uniformity increased by 200%. The power of 10w integrated solar street lamps than other people's home 15w also bright.

Integrated Solar Street Lamp is the use of efficient controller, multiple protection system, the use of Low-voltage direct current, the use of very stable, safe and reliable, and is not restricted by the region, All In One LED Solar Street Light remote access to the grid area, can be used integrated solar street lamps.