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Integrated Solar Street Lights Safe And Reliable
- Jul 18, 2017 -

The integration of solar street lights designed to absorb the inspiration and energy from the universe, the integration of today's best green energy portfolio (solar, semiconductor LED light source, lithium battery).

It uses a micro-controller, thermal infrared human body sensing and many other excellent practical control technology, combined with simple integration of structural design, All In One LED Solar Street Light the perfect realization of low power consumption high brightness, long life maintenance and other performance requirements, while waterproof cooling performance Is also very good.

Integrated use of human infrared sensor control technology, people to light, people go light, to extend the lighting time; the use of high-capacity long-life lithium battery, All In One LED Solar Street Light the use of solar energy, To ensure the product life; no need to pull the line, the installation is extremely convenient; waterproof structure, safe and reliable; expandable timing, voice and other functions; modular design concept, easy to install, maintain, repair; alloy material as the main structure, Anti-rust, anti-corrosion function.

Integrated solar street light design combines the best green energy portfolio today, All In One LED Solar Street Light will be efficient solar energy, ultra-bright semiconductor LED light source, long 8-year life lithium iron phosphate battery and the top of the human body sensor module focused on one, integrated solar street lights Easy to install, long life, security, intelligent control and so on. All In One LED Solar Street Light The integrated solar streetlight highlights design and stability, perfect for low power consumption (average per 5 W power consumption up to 1 0 0 W incandescent illumination), long life maintenance and excellent waterproof cooling characteristics Functional requirements. At the same time, transport installation is very fast and convenient.