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LED Lighting Market Analysis To Find Out What How To Buy?
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Our lighting products are the production and consumption of power, lighting accounts for around 13% of electricity consumption of the whole society. Compared with conventional lighting lamp has low heat, low power consumption, long life, good color, reaction speed, no Flash frequency, not to hurt the eyes, thin, short, and so on. If 1.4 billion of in-use replace all incandescent lamps to LED lights, when you can be saving 48 billion-kilowatt every year. Porcelain China expert said: LED as the global race to develop emerging industries of strategic importance, become China's post-crisis industrial transformation and upgrading, new engines to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

Although continental LED the industry into turmoil and weather, large LED lackluster quarterly reports of listed companies, but some LED lighting industry is optimistic about the prospects for the future more than concerned. Everyone seems to be waiting for the direction of the market, must also believe that LED to its energy efficiency has a bright future, or at least LED lighting replacing the current popular energy-saving lamps are not a problem in the market. What's more, also backed by the State's financial "tree" good for nothing but shade.

It is understood that with the rising and the falling cost of LED technology, LED landscape lighting, decorative lighting and backlighting applications has matured in the field of small size; size backlight areas, large-screen display has entered a period of rapid growth in the development of the field; general lighting products will be imported into the rapid development of the growth stage.

NO1: packaging and logo: national force LED lighting manufacturers products marked on the outer packaging the following: rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power and voltage range. Generally speaking, high quality label printing of good quality, clear, easy off, wipe with a soft damp cloth, logo clearly visible, not easy to erase, there are manufacturer's trademarks and certification marks. Faulty products, poor print quality, fuzzy fonts, easy to wipe, no manufacturer's trademarks and certification marks.

NO2: pay attention to whether EMI led lamps can interfere with other sensitive Wireless appliances such as TV, (exported to the United States to meet FCC-ClassB standards).

NO3: real LED energy-saving lamps, be with tricolor tube, pipe white hands look more white. In addition, seen from the lamp, lamp can be put together, it tube shape and size consistency is good for machines bent, mostly products of mass production. The consistency of the product, quality is easier to be guaranteed, with better interchangeability of repair. Of course, appearance is not cracked, loose, and interface between signs of prizing. During the process of installation, dismantling, lamp should not be loose, tilted heads.