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New Generation Of AIO LED Solar Street Lights.
- Jul 07, 2017 -

Thanks to the efforts of NOMO R&D teams, new generation of AIO LED solar street lights is created by NOMO group this month, it is the new products with more featured function, more energy saving, and at affordable prices.

It set Auto ON /OFF, time dimming, smart operation in one system with elegant NOMO patented design. It is expected to be the most popular solar street lights in the world, it is called Hyperion, and it is not only a solar street lights, but also a smart lighting system.


It is very simple to use, no separate battery pack required with placeable battery pack with drawer design and no complicated wiring or settings.

All you need to do is to install it with screws to the pole. The lights will switch on when the sun sets and switch off  when the sun rises.

First developed customization service acoording the differenet requirement of brightness and lighting purpose. 3  Models : HP-3000 HP-5000 HP-8000

HP-3000 :   2000LM / 3000LM


HP-5000:   4000LM / 5000LM


HP-8000 :   6000LM / 7000LM / 8000LM


It is optional with IOT system :


It is intelligent by utilizing ZigBee tech controlling the working brightness, dimming, maintenance , time plan , inspection, also a program-able MPPT controller ensuring maximum efficiency and electrical conversion from the limitless power of the sun directly to the powerful and compact Li Fe PO4 battery system, additionally the light head features a most healthy lens that automatically ensure the output brightness rightly.

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