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New Lanched Smart Auto Cleaning Solar Street Light
- Aug 03, 2018 -

New Lanched Smart Auto Cleaning Solar Street Light

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Why auto cleaning system ????

In recent years, with popularity of “ENERGY CONSERVATION “and “ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY “, solar street lights had been vigorously promoted in regions/countries with strong sunshine.  Whereas, there is relatively limited rainfall.   Hence, after certain period of running,  the street lights do accumulate dust naturally, plus humidity joins in to cover the surface of solar panel, which eventually blocks the natural sunrays,  that diminishes electrical output.

How dusty/dirty exactly?

the opinions vary widely!  Hence, findings after researching shows:

  • Dust on solar panel can reduce battery efficiency by 7% to 40%!


Cleaning of solar panel after installation needs to be done manually, and sometimes may cause overlooking.

Manually cleaning is already a traditional method! = which includes labor, and they use hand brushes or high-pressured water jets to clean the solar panels on sight. With this approach, cost increases!

Need not to worry at all now!  Why?

Because > NOMO GROUP’s = patented “ automatic cleaning system”   ( we call “ robotic cleaning bar “)  specially designed to save extra devices and labor cost!!

Nomo group just wish to let you know below points:

  • Super brightness, does not mean optimal efficiency!

  • Optimal efficiency, does not mean zero maintenance!

  • Zero maintenance, does not mean free cleaning!

  • A long lasting lifetime solar street light, definitely needs handsfree cleaning system!  



Safety measures?

There is no reason to be there in person, (that avoids any casualty occurring ).


How smart and autonomous?

The automatic routine planned cleaning, covers 99% and NOMO GROUP’s remote management platform, helps you monitor and manage your system from anywhere in the world.


Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, the specially designed bristle while sliding gently scrubs panels clean, removing

99% dust/dirt from panels.



Once installed, does not require external operation.

  • Twice a day

  • Each time two slides (total 4 slides back and forth)

  • Time consumes: in less than 3 minutes.

  • Power consumes: less than 0.5wh!!


NOMO GROUP’s smart solar street lights with automatic cleaning system =

Your best choice !!*