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New Trend Of Street Lighting-solar Street Lights
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Street lighting convenience of the public, but also very power, can use this new solar energy used for lighting it? At present, Jinan City Government are bent on lamp replacement, solar street light, begin to phase out the traditional street lamps. This not only conforms to the development of the times, also fit the trend of low-carbon energy. Low carbon energy highly promoted, lighting market in a low carbon economy, driven by continuous innovation, science and technology also continues to progress. Energy saving product batch after batch of appeared.

At present, solar street lighting technology also needs to be improved, but solar lighting will eventually become a new trend. See these solar lights sent a sigh: "with solar lights, felt energy, did not know of Jinan City lights can also install solar? "Solar street lighting has a battery inside, converting solar energy into electrical energy, is environmentally friendly and energy saving, but the batteries have a certain life span and high price. And now solar-powered street lighting technology is not perfect, power radiation does not reach it can temporarily use solar lights, town large areas now use solar lights are not reality. Nevertheless, solar lights will certainly become the new trend of street lighting, greatly popular with urban development. So prior knowledge of solar street lighting is not a bad thing.