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NOMO All In One Solar Street Lights Show On TV Hawas In UAE And Supplying Government Projects.
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Hawas TV prides itself on providing and producing diverse and engaging content. With shows from around the Arabic region, including Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, the Gulf and beyond, you can tune into our channel for diverse cultural entertainment; inclusive of singing shows, cooking programmes, poetry recitals, stand up & light comedy, games & beauty shows, big stars and more.


It is important that NOMO teams to represent  all in one solar street lights Hyperion series in the TV advertisement and others. it is a good way to promot the product to the public and increase the sales, the more important that more people will know more about NOMO all in one solar street lights, it is the first step that NOMO take to middle east. Nomo all in one solar street lights are born for government projects since its stable and safe performance, energy saving reduce the cost of maintenance, meanwhile government benefit its outstanding working performance and creat reputation for its people.