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Nomo Smart Solar Street Light In The Night
- Sep 19, 2018 -

                     Nomo smart solar street light in the night

Here we make a collection our lamps in the night , from the oldest pvsl sereis to the latest hyperion series ,it contribute itself to the city lighting project .

40w,50w (2).jpg



This old type use cob lens and light distribution is not so even  , light waste is also high , so we upgrad it with new lens , on the market today you can still find many manufacturer using this public model .





Then comes to our pvmsl series , compared to the old pvnsl series , now it uses self developed PMMA lens with very high transmittion efficecny as 97.5% , also the light distribution is vey even,

Using modular design lens to make sure the effective lumen is above 90% of the total flux lumen .

Finally , Hyperion series appear on the stage .

It is upgrade from the pvmsl series , make it lighter and more elegent from outlook , with all the advantage of pvmsl series and its own advantage , now it is very popular in the market .

Here you can feel yourslef:


From this series on, we will start using philips 5050, which offer higher lumen per lumen and operates more time than the series we mentioned before , it turn on automatically when sunset .

This is how it looks during production.


1.Whole modular design and drawer -type  . Solar panel, smart energy pack , LED , alluminum alloy body can seperated from each other conviniently .

2.Unique switch design, can easily know the status of the light by checking the indicator light there .

3.High brightness LED , top level large capacity LIFEPO4 battery , PMMA lens , angle adjustable tailsock..

4.Can be equiped with our self patented smart solar street light controlling system , easy to manager and monitor your project.

5.Whole waterprrof and rust proof design.


Stand still , it always act as a role as city guard , bring light to the wolrd and reduce the crimes greatly . with these remote control ssytem you can monitor the light  status  anytime from every coffee shop around the world . 




Nomo is always trying its best to develp and make innovation , from industry use to commercial use ,from higher watt to these small solar lights, we are dedicated to offering more light to the world and make it more beautiful.