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Nomo Solar Street Light Worked Perfecetly In Raniy Days
- Sep 17, 2018 -

                         Nomo Solar street light worked perfecetly in raniy days

Recently we got a picture from our nigeria customer . He is so suprised at our solar street light performance in nigeria rainy seazon . It never stops even there is long lasting 10 raning days .

Nomo solar street lights in rainy days


Why it works so perfectly in such bad weather ? here is the explaination.

How solar street lights work?

The solar battery pack converts the radiant energy of the sun into electric energy during the day, and is stored in the battery by the intelligent controller. At night, the intelligent controller controls the battery to discharge the street lamp, and the lighting time is reasonably allocated according to the user’s request.

So To meet the continuous use of rainy days for a longer period of time, there are four main points need to be considered.

  • Improving the conversion efficiency of solar panels: On  one hand, solar panels with higher conversion efficiency per unit area can be selected. Choose the solar panels with higher conversion efficiency per unit area; on the other hand, increase the area of the solar panel, that is, increase the power of the solar panel.

  • Increase battery capacity: Solar energy is an energy source that cannot be continuously and stably supplied. Therefore, a power storage device must be required to store electricity and then output it in a stable and sustainable manner.

  • Select the right controller: Setting reasonable planning of discharge power through the controller, and MPPT controller is the best one for the solar lights.

  • Using the higher lumen efficeny LED chips , that means it consumes less power in same lumen conditions .

We Nomo uses Tainwan made solar panel whose efficency can reach around 21.5% ,greatly incereased the conversion efficency from sun to the panel , at the same time ,top level lifepo4 battery keeps this part of energy and transfer to LEDs when needed , Conside about the long continous rainy days lighting requirement , we increased the battery capacity  and make it intellignetly power adjusted so that it can last at least 5 work days . Also the Mppt controller is made by ourselves and we inceresed the transfer efficecny to 99.9% .  Except for all the hardware , we also develop our own energy management software -smart solar street light controlling system which enable you to monitor the work status of solar panel , battery , leds , mppt controller , body tempertaure at even a coffee shop .  With these task palning progrmmers , it can record the local weather conditions and adjust it self accordingly .


Nomo solar street light is your best and relible partner on lighting projects . welcome to contact us for more details .