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NOMO Solar Street Lights Bring Unlimited Light In Faraway Africa!
- Mar 16, 2018 -

NOMO Solar street lights bring unlimited light in faraway Africa!

According to the Spanish "Pioneer" website reported , for a village without electricity, this is a major change. Nowadays, villagers can listen to news, listen to music, read books or work at night, and solar panels bring life that they could not imagine before. People can walk anywhere in the dark. 


Since the continuous popularization of mobile phones in Africa and it goes into the people ‘s life in remote regions of Africa, another new revolution has brought about earth-shaking changes to the Africans. The popularity of home solar power systems is bringing light to all corners of Africa. The challenge is enormous: In sub-Saharan Africa, 590 million people cannot use electricity, and most of them live in rural areas. Statistics from the “Africa Illumination” program sponsored by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation to promote the use of renewable energy have found that at least 23 million people in Africa have obtained solar power in the past five years, and this figure is expected to increase to 2.5 by 2030. Billion people.

In terms of lighting, Africa has 15% of the world's population, and about 90% of the rural area has no electricity supply. There are also no street lights in the streets of many cities. Therefore, in most countries, they lack of the lighting industry  and the level is relatively low, and there is a considerable market gap. In recent years, Africa has been committed to developing sustainable lighting solutions to seek effective solutions to electricity consumption, such as the UN-led Charity and Development Project in Africa: Offer energy saving LED lighting  to African users, with the rapid development of modern cities in Africa, Including the market, stations, shopping malls and other places of diversified LED lighting market, continue to promote LED lighting demand gradually.

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Under the current circumstances, integrated solar street lights are very hot products in Africa. Many Chinese companies have exported solar LED street lights to Africa. NOMO GROUP has also installed integrated solar street lights in Kenya, Nigeria, and other countries. All lights work very well. And all have received good customer feedback. The following is a case study of the installation of all in one Solar powered Street Lights:

All in one solar street light1.jpg