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One Another Important Factor -Lumen Per Watt For Solar Street Light
- Oct 23, 2018 -

As we know, the wattages are the consumption of power, do not mean the brightness. 
Brightness is related with lumen, more lumens means brighter. Lumen and wattage decide the luminous efficiency. Luminous efficiency is one of important factors when measure the lamp performance. The solar LED light has higher luminous efficiency can offer better brightness and consume less power. We can calculate the value by the below function.


Luminous Efficiency = Lumens / Wattages

We Nomo GROUP  upgraded the LED beads for all-in-one solar street lights that makes the luminous efficiency much higher than before.
We also customized new connected lens, which make the light distribution more uniform.

We did some contrast test with 4 type lamps: 70W old all-in-one solar street lights without lens, 70W new all-in-one solar street lights without lens, 70W old all-in-one solar street lights with lens, 70W new all-in-one solar street lights with lens.
Test method:
Hanging the light board in the standard position of the spectrum tester, testing the light board with the same power and recording the corresponding parameters for comparison.
Criterio:  The luminous efficiency ratio of the new lamp board with lens is higher 15% than the ones of old type.
Below is the testing results:
ModelPower of LED/WLumens/lmLuminous Efficiency (lm/W)Color Rendering Index (Ra)Luminous RatioLuminous Efficiency Ratio
Old item without lens70W8338.9119.176146%146.9%
Updated item without lens69.69W12195.7517572.7
Old item with lens70W7651.4109.375.9154%155%
Updated item with lens69.69W11847.317073

According to the testing dada, for the new 70W lamps with connected lens, the lumen is about 11847.3 lm, and luminous efficiency is 175 lm/w, much higher than the old one with 7651.4lm, 109.3 lm/w.

There are a few factories still using the old type LED beads and separated lens. For the same wattage, their solar street lights have lower lumens (lower brightness). 
Take 70W as an example, if their luminous efficiency is 109.3 lm/w, the total lumen is about 7651 (109.3*70=7651). It is even lower than our 50W with new lens and LED beads, which is about 8500lumen(170*50=8500). It means our 50W is even brighter than their 70W while  our 50W lamps consume less power.


However, 170lm/w is just the beginning, our engneering team are still working on new technology. In the future, we may release new lamps with even higher luminous efficiency about 200 lm/w.

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