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Several Problems Facing The Urban Illuminating Industry
- Feb 28, 2017 -

1, lighting, light design to scientific and reasonable, not blindly pursuing "new, extraordinary and special"

Some cities in lighting, lamp type has been designed into error, ignore the functionality of the lamp, lamp type, the blind pursuit of decorative, novelty, uniqueness, and blindly, light poles and higher, increasing power, road light, resulting in tremendous waste of money and energy, and increase the amount of daily maintenance and repair after. Recommends in design in the first to consider following four a aspects: a is, ensure security: lamps of installation firm sex, electrical of security, mechanical strength of substantial sex; II is, meet function: meet road lighting standard of requirements, provides enough of light, guarantee traffic security and visual effect; three is, environment coordination: to simple of styling and road environment thaw for one, create comfortable pleasant of atmosphere; four is, overall benefits: lamp rod and lamps of procurement, and installation, and run and maintenance to reached best benefits.

2, road lighting industry professional and technical training is key

After more than 20 years of rapid development of road lighting, has formed a mature industry, but currently lack sufficient professional service. According to author by know, around street construction, and management units of technicians most is befuddles, and no accept to professional training, this in currently Street industry also not full reform (except very minority City), most city street engineering construction also not on market of road of situation Xia, on road lighting industry development of effect seems to is unlikely to, but once full reform, and full market, will obviously not adapted market competition of need, and directly endanger city lighting enterprise of survival. In this regard, we need to train and urban lighting professionals as a strategic task to catch and hold on to do a good job.

3, theft problems of urban lighting

City lights stolen has now reached epidemic proportions. Yangzhou stolen street lighting facilities valued at 500,000 Yuan last year, accounting for 10% of the annual maintenance fee. The reasons caused by rampant urban jobless migrants from rural areas on the one hand, on the other hand at design time, and we did not take into account security measures, such as street lighting poles electrical door no security measures, some garden lighting design, and so on, causing opportunity to thieves. Therefore, we take the following measures: first, design fully into account security measures of pole electric door locks using some common tools cannot open door, garden lighting design as far as possible the integration of lighting, remote by using direct-buried cable, no wiring well; the second is, jointly with the public security departments, focusing on beat patrols, ambushes, crack.

4, maintenance management needs to be improved

In the rapid development of urban lighting in the common "heavy construction and light management", especially in the case of new road lighting project duration, relaxed routine maintenance work. Internal management of lamp units and there is no real sense of management system. Although most of the city has used the "remote control" system, but to a large extent the control switch on the light, does not give full play to its role of scientific management. Proposals to firmly establish "three of construction, management of seven" concept, under no circumstances should be stable and ensure the maintenance of certain assault force. And "urban 110" linkage, collaborative monitoring of road lighting for street light facilities maintenance and management.

5, on the street lighting industry marketization reform

With the deepening of the reform of institutions, urban lighting industry market-oriented reforms are imminent. Currently we should focus on the following: first, early entry into the market, take part in market competition. To give full play to the present advantages of lamp units most already have qualified, active participation in road lighting engineering bidding in order to adapt to the market as soon as possible, while exercising our construction team. Second, improve qualification, ready for the next market-oriented reform of personnel placement. Third, improving the internal management system, the Division of functions in the unit, according to the management, maintenance and construction of three parts respectively improve the management system