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Smart Integration Solar Street Lights With Smart Control Management System
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Smart integration solar street lights with smart control management system


NOMO has been focusing on solar street lighting research,development and manufacturing. With the development of the Internet era, in recent years, NOMO is committed to technological innovation, connecting the IOT technology with traditional street lighting, to develop a smart integration solar street light to achieve company future long term development . To make the city construction more scientific, Management is more efficient and services are more convenient.

Let’s learn the principles and structure of the Internet of Things smart integration solar street lights.

Solar street light Smart control system adopts the combination of GPRS technology and ZigBee technology. Combining the advantages of the two, it not only saves costs, but also reduces the complexity of the system. It also increases the stability of the system and makes the system more valuable in practical applications.

Solar street light smart control system adopts a three-tier structure, namely, soalr street light control center of the cloud (data center, management and control platform), middle-level intelligent gateway (centralized manager, loop controller), and the bottom-end executive light-level terminal nodes (single Light controller) through the above three-tier structure, to achieve accurate remote control of the solar street lights operation.

Among them, the communication between the street lights control center and the intelligent gateway adopts GPRS technology, and the communication between the intelligent gateway and the street light terminal node and the street light terminal node adopts ZigBee technology.

The toplogy shown as below:

all in one solar street light

The application of smart solar street light control system is generally tens of thousands of street lights in urban roads (also applicable to the stadiums and other large venues). Through the control system, it is responsible for monitoring the various operating conditions of the solar street lights, such as monitoring the solar street light nodes,if current voltage, current, and lighting ratio meet the specifications or not ,and can be used for real-time alerting based on the value of the forecasted setpoint, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and improves the efficiency of fault response.

The system can pre-set one or more lighting modes according to different daily time and traffic conditions, automatically turn on or turn off any light, and adjust the switch time and light intensity according to the environmental requirements to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

The intelligent solar street light control system truly realizes the on-demand energy advocated by the country, which greatly improves the owner’s management and control capabilities and work efficiency!

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